Clem: Did you spot the fun wink hidden in the Season 11 finale?  - News Series on TV

Clem: Did you spot the fun wink hidden in the Season 11 finale? – News Series on TV

Broadcast last night on TF1, the last episode of season 11 of “Clem” contains an amusing wink since during the oral exam of the Valentine’s baccalaureate, the examiners are interpreted by two important figures of the series, who operate in The shadow.

Season 11 of Clem, composed of six new episodes, ended last night on TF1 at the end of a last evening of broadcasting rich in emotions, during which Valentin (Thomas Chomel), who had ended up discovering that he was was not Jules’ biological father, managed to get custody of the baby. Supported in his approach by his mother, Clem (Lucie Lucas), and by the rest of the Boissier tribe.

But the finale of season 11 was also marked by the passage of an important milestone for the teenagers of the series since Valentin, Izia, and Joris, in terminal during all this eleventh batch, finally obtained their baccalaureate.

And it is precisely during a sequence centered on a baccalaureate test that the production of Clem indulged in a very funny little wink. But difficult to spot, even for die-hard fans of the successful family series launched in 2010 on TF1.

While he is taking an oral test of the bac, Valentin finds himself facing three examiners who tell him that he will have to look into a subject which, without them knowing it, is rather familiar to him: “Exist- does he have a right to the child? “. And among these three teachers are hiding two members of Clem’s team that Thomas Chomel knows quite well.

Indeed, the first examiner who addresses Valentin, visible in the foreground on the photo below, is embodied by Vanessa Clément, who officiates as artistic producer on the series since season 10. As for her colleague present in the third plan, it is the director Stéphane Malhuret (Love at first sight in Andalusia, Candice Renoir), who directed the last three episodes of season 11 of Clem, as well as the entire season 10 and several episodes of the season 9.

Screenshot / TF1

“It was a little wink at the end of the season. It amused us to pass the bac to Valentin”, explained Vanessa Clément when we asked her about this little cameo during an interview during which she came back for us on the main axes of season 11 and on the future of Clem. But for the artistic producer of the series, this wink also says something about this great adventure which has been going on for years now.

“It’s just a little wink but it still says that Clem is a series that relies on the sincerity and the energy of all the people who make it. It may sound stupid to say that, but there is really has a collective energy and a commitment from each one which, I believe, contributes a lot to the strength of the series “.

“There is a real sincerity and a real shared collective work. The actors and directors are involved in the texts, the authors are involved in the directing. We really try to work all together, and I think it is. rare enough to be underlined. And that’s what makes us manage to continue. We all challenge ourselves every year, everyone is looking, no one is resting on their achievements. To always surpass ourselves and bring in the actors to places that surprise them. We never fall asleep on Clem “.

And if season 12 has not yet been confirmed by the channel, the writers are already working on the next episodes, as is customary for most recurring French series, in order to be ready to shoot in the months to come. in the event of an order by TF1.

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