Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Chickens, Eggs, And Honey

There are tons of misconceptions about farming, buying local, what it means to support the healthy production of animal byproducts that in no way harms animals, et al. Many vegans make the life choice not to eat any animal byproduct, even things like honey – when bees make more than they need and are not at all bothered if we take some away.

This thread is clearly motivated by someone promoting supporting local farmers, but it also has a lot of good facts in it – so if that’s your jam, you’re going to love it!

It points out first that if you refuse to eat things like eggs that you know are sourced ethically, you’re really doing nothing but hurting the animals you’re intending to help.

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Someone, though, tried to argue (without any facts on their side).

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Which led to some serious knowledge being dropped – from an actual beekeeper – about how the practice of growing and protecting hives works.

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In truth, beekeepers do more to sustain the honeybee population than they would dream of doing to harm it, and without them, the species would likely be much worse off.

Down with misinformation!

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While what the arguer said about chicken farming and egg production is true, she’s missing the point – that supporting local, ethical farms is one way to stand against factory farming and unethical practices

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Like beekeepers, farmers do everything they can to make sure they’re treating their hens (and their eggs) well.

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There’s no real conspiracy here.

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There you have it!

If you’ve been avoiding foods like eggs and honey thinking that you’re helping poor, abused animals, it sounds like it’s time to think again.

Spread the truth, my friends!

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