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This evening, Arte broadcasts Olivier Jahan’s TV movie “Claire Andrieux”, a sort of spin-off of his feature film “The Sand Castles”, released in 2015. A portrait of a sensitive, funny, and moving woman carried by a Jeanne Rosa masterful.

Julien Cauvin

What is it about ?

Claire Andrieux, 41, is responsible for a real estate agency in Brittany. Loved for her good humor and fantasy, her meeting with Bruno, looking for a house for a future shoot, will turn her daily life upside down and reveal a terrible secret.

Claire Andrieux, directed by Olivier Jahan and written by Diastème and Olivier Jahan.

With Jeanne Rosa, Thomas VDB, Emma de Caunes, Yannick Renier, Michel Vuillermoz, …

Friday October 9 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte, and already available on until November 7

What does it look like ?

Well worth a look ?

Five years after The Sand Castles, the director and screenwriter Olivier Jahan brings his characters back to life through this “spin-off” TV movie that highlights Claire Andrieux, the real estate agent who was in charge of the sale of the house of father of Éléonore (Emma de Caunes) in the 2015 feature film. A secondary character who had made a strong impression at the time and whose facets Olivier Jahan explores here.

Because Claire Andrieux is not only the dynamic, offbeat, and somewhat cash bachelor that she seems to be. Very quickly, the viewer understands that his relationship with men is complicated to say the least. Gwendal (Michel Vuillermoz), his employee who is a little too pressing and clumsy, annoys him to the highest point. His friends’ efforts to find him a suitor annoy him and do not bear fruit. And even when she meets Bruno (Thomas VDB), a location manager for a shoot, Claire is on the defensive. While the charm does indeed operate between them. But this meeting is not trivial and will push Claire to confide in a traumatic event from her past. Which will shed light on his personality and will tip this extremely sensitive film into unexpected territory.

Julien Cauvin / Arte

Under her airs of a funny and disconcerting romantic comedy, narrated by Bruno’s voice-over, Claire Andrieux quickly reveals herself to be above all the extremely true and moving portrait of a woman broken by a deeply buried secret, that her nascent feelings for Bruno will come and wake up. Brilliantly alternating between comedy and drama, this poignant unity avoids clichés and pathos, and turns out to be a great success whose simplicity and accuracy touch the heart. Jeanne Rosa is masterful in the role of this luminous and whimsical heroine who hides behind this energetic facade an unspeakable wound, of which she has never spoken to those close to her. And even if her performance alone deserves to be interested in this little tragicomic gem, Jeanne Rosa, seen recently in Romance and in Grace to God, is very well surrounded and is not the only asset of Claire Andrieux. We obviously retain Emma de Caunes, Yannick Renier, and Christine Brücher, figures of the Sand Castles that we find with happiness. But also Thomas VDB, in a rather surprising score, and Michel Vuillermoz, who brings a welcome dose of humor to the few sequences he shares with Jeanne Rosa. Claire Andrieux is one of those films that manages to overwhelm us without overdoing it. By small touches. And which remind us that speaking is liberating and that even the worst traumas must be able to be said. So, as Claire would say, “Come on!” Do not miss this little masterpiece.

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