Citizen Kane is no longer the best movie of all time!

An absolute classic in cinema, consistently topping the charts as the best film of all time, “Citizen Kane” has fallen from its pedestal. The reason ? An 80-year-old article unearthed by critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes …

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We no longer present Citizen Kane, the masterpiece of Orson Welles who won the Oscar for Best Screenplay, shared with Herman J. Mankiewicz, in 1942. This film appears in all the lists compiling the best films. of the history of cinema. It was even voted “best film of all time” in August 2002 by 108 directors and 144 international critics, consulted by the prestigious British review. Sight and Sound of British Film Institute.

This is to say if the announcement of his fall from his pedestal makes noise. The Hollywood Reporter indeed reports that the site Rotten Tomatoes, an aggregator of film critics very followed across the Atlantic, withdrew its title of “best film of all time”. Why ?

Rotten Tomatoes in fact unearthed a review of the film dated May 7, 1941 in the Chicago Tribune. The author of the review, Mae Tinee, wrote this about Citizen Kane :

“You’ve heard a lot about this movie and I see some experts consider it“ the greatest movie ever. ”Not me. […] It’s an interesting, different movie. It’s a film bizarre enough to become a museum piece. But eccentricity takes such precedence over simplicity that it ends up damaging the quality of the film and that it loses all that it could have entertaining ”.

This single review was enough to bring the film down from 100 to 99% favorable reviews, out of an initial total of 116 reviews. It hurts. Especially since other films keep their 100% favorable opinions, like Battleship Potemkin, The Grapes of Wrath, Terminator, The Maltese Falcon or even Toy Story.

But the shock is carried by … Paddington 2: with 244 positive opinions, the excellent family film directed by Paul King is now rising to the vacant place of “best film of all time”. Solicited by the Hollywood Reporter to comment on this change, Paul King humorously blurted out:

“It’s extremely charming to be on a list that includes Citizen Kane, obviously it’s a pretty amazing list, since it goes from Citizen Kane to Paddington 2, but I’m going to try not to take it too seriously… I I’m not going to go overboard and immediately build my Xanadu. Even though I’ve prepared a model, just in case. “

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