Cinema with children: which movies to watch during the Christmas holidays?

That’s it, the Christmas holidays are here! The opportunity to take your children to the movies. Several films currently showing should particularly please them and AlloCiné has classified them for you according to the age of your little ones.

To occupy your children before December 25, why not consider going to the movies? French cinemas are offering pretty short and feature films this holiday month, which could appeal to the whole family.

From singing Tous en scène 2 to mouth-watering The Elfkins, via adorable Clifford and the instructive Where’s Anne Frank !, there’s something for everyone and all ages! Discover our selection according to the age of your toddlers:

Princess Dragon (from 3 years old)

Cinema with children which movies to watch during the Christmas
Gebeka Films

Released December 15th

Princess Dragon tells the story of Poil, a little girl raised by a mighty dragon. But when her father has to pay the Witchcraft with her second most precious possession, it is Foil that he offers, plunging his daughter into infinite sadness and forcing her to flee the family cave. Poil then embarks on a journey to discover the world of men. In contact with them, she will learn friendship, solidarity, but also the greed which seems to eat away at men’s hearts.

This pretty tale for children was directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, already co-authors of the film Dofus – Book 1: Julith for the studio Ankama. The two men wanted to be inspired by Ghibli productions to offer the whole family a moment of wonder that changes Disney films.

The animation style and the sound work were two fundamental aspects in the making of Princess Dragon. The graphic choice of watercolor backgrounds and traditional animation, frame by frame, therefore imposed themselves on the filmmakers from the start. A great success made in France.

Baby Shark’s Big Show! (from 3 years)

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CGR Events

Released December 1st

The famous little dancing shark is coming to the big screen! CGR cinemas invite your children to celebrate Christmas with the hero of the animated series Baby Shark, adapted from the viral YouTube video Baby Shark Dance.

It’s almost Christmas under the ocean or more exactly Noalgue and the whole Shark family invites you to the party. Dive with Baby Shark and his best friend William and go in search of Father Noalgue! A new and interactive adventure to sing, dance and have fun all together in the company of Shany’z and Baby Shark.

The session includes a new episode of Baby Shark: The Underwater Adventure, as well as an interactive video animation.

Tous en scene 2 (from 6 years old)

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2021 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Released on December 22

The band All on stage is back ! 4 years after Tous en scène (number 1), get ready for a new great musical entertainment, with Buster Moon, Rosita, or even Ash! The Illumination studio, to which we owe in particular Les Minions et Moi, ugly and nasty, once again offers us a fireworks display of colors and music, in a very pop ensemble that will delight young and old alike.

In these new adventures, Buster Moon and his troupe of stage beasts think even bigger with a completely crazy spectacle. But this time, they are determined to go shine in the spotlight of the show biz capital. They only have one problem: persuading the most anti-social star the world has ever known to take the stage with them.

Special mention to the music of the film which brings together great standards of pop from yesterday to today, from U2, Prince, to Billy Eillish or even Shawn Mendes.

Clifford (from 6 years old)

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Paramount Pictures France

Released December 1st

Clifford, the cute big red dog favorite of children, is coming to the big screen! The plot follows young college girl Emily Elizabeth, played by Darby Camp. She meets a rescuer of magical animals, played by John Cleese, who gives her a little red puppy. She doesn’t expect to find a giant three-meter dog in her tiny New York apartment the next morning!

While her single mom Maggie (Sienna Guillory) is away on business, Emily Elizabeth and her fun but impulsive Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) embark on a jaw-dropping adventure in the Big Apple. Adapted from the beloved character of Norman Bridwell’s books published by Scholastic, Clifford will teach the whole world to love things big.

Young and old alike will love the adventures of this mischievous animal, which will make us laugh as we move. A little tangy candy for the end of the year celebrations.

The Elfkins: Pastry operation (from 6 years old)

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Released on December 8th

With for heroes, three mischievous elves with contagious good humor, The Elfkins: Pastry operation should amaze and make your toddlers laugh and even make them hungry! While instilling in them the importance of friendship and celebrating self-fulfillment, talents and dreams.

Elfie is a little Elfkins who lives in the secret world of the elves. She dreams of meeting humans and one day decides to go on an adventure! Elfie runs into Theo, a grumpy pastry chef whose pastry is no longer successful. His new mission? Save the little shop!

Mom is raining hard (from 6 years old)

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Les Films du Préau

Released December 1st

Short film of around thirty minutes, Maman pleut des ropes by Hugo de Faucompret won several awards at festivals during the year, including the Jury Prize in the Special TV category at the International Animation Film Festival. from Annecy.

It tells the story of Jeanne, 8, a little girl with a strong character. Her mother, on the other hand, goes through a depression and has to send her daughter to spend the Christmas holidays with her Granny Onion … But Jeanne does not understand what is happening to her mother and leaves dragging her feet because in the countryside, he doesn’t ‘there is nothing to do. Yet, against all odds, the holidays turn out to be a real adventure thanks to unexpected friends: Léon and Sonia, two local children, and Cloclo, the huge bum who lives in the forest.

Three other short films will be screened in addition to Maman pleut des ropes.

Encanto (from 6 years old)

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The Walt Disney Pictures

Released November 24

Let the music ! And the magic! New fruit of the collaboration between author and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda (who co-wrote the story) and Disney studios, Encanto is not just their Christmas movie. It is also a musical, frenzied at times, which celebrates the Colombian family and culture.

Directed by the duo Byron Howard – Jared Bush (Oscar winner for Zootopia) with Charise Castro Smith (screenwriter on… The Haunting of Hill House), Encanto tells the story of Mirabel. A member of the Madrigal family, she discovers with horror that the magical house in which everyone lives has given her no power. And that she could well cause the loss of her family.

The right to be different, the acceptance of oneself and the difference between what we are and what others expect from us are at the heart of this 60th official Disney animated classic in which José Garcia gives voice in VF . With his songs that sometimes tend towards hip-hop and his story without any real antagonist, Encanto breaks the codes of the studio’s productions a little. But the magic is intact.

Mystery (from 6 years old)

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Released December 15th

Mystère presents the character of Stéphane, played by Vincent Elbaz. The latter decides to move to the beautiful mountains of Cantal in order to reconnect with his 8-year-old daughter, Victoria, who has been silent since her mother’s disappearance. During a walk in the forest, a shepherd gives Victoria a puppy named “Mystery” who will gradually give her back a taste for life.

But very quickly, Stéphane discovers that the animal is in reality a wolf… Despite the warnings and the danger of this situation, he cannot bring himself to separate his daughter from this seemingly harmless ball of hair. Shot with real wolves, this beautiful story of friendship between a little girl and a wolf pup is infinitely tender. Children will be thrilled in front of these mythical animals as fascinating as they are mysterious.

Monster Family (from 6 years old)

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Metropolitan FilmExport

Released December 15th

The Wishbone family is far from being a family like any other because since they were struck by a spell, they can transform into monsters with superpowers: Emma, ​​the mother, into a vampire, Frank, the father, into Frankenstein’s creature, Fay, their eldest daughter, as a mummy and little Max, as a werewolf. This does not prevent them from leading an … almost normal existence, surrounded by other strange creatures!

But one day, the monster hunter Mila Starr captures their friends Baba Yaga and Renfield. The Wishbones then embark on a rescue mission that will lead them across the world and allow them to make new monstrous encounters along the way.

This is the synopsis of Monster Family: On the road to adventure, a nice film with heroes as funny as they are endearing that will teach your children that you should not be fooled by appearances and that monsters are not always the ones. that we think …

Belle (from 8 years old)

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Released on December 29

Get ready to discover the new nugget from director Mamoru Hosoda. With Belle, the filmmaker transports us to a magical world of which he has the secret. After The Boy and the Beast or Miraï, my little sister, the director promises us this time an unparalleled enchantment with this dusted version of Beauty and the Beast.

The film tells us the story of Suzu. In real life, she’s a self-conscious teenager, stuck in her small mountain town with her father. But in U’s virtual world, Suzu becomes Belle, a musical icon followed by more than 5 billion followers.

A difficult double life for the shy Suzu, who will take an unexpected flight when Beauty meets the Beast, a creature as fascinating as it is frightening. Then begins a virtual crossover between Beauty and the Beast, at the end of which Suzu will discover who she is. In French, the heroine is dubbed by the singer and actress Louane Emera.

Where’s Anne Frank! (From the age of 8)

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The pact

Released on December 8th

If animation is his favorite register, previous films by Ari Folman (Waltz with Bachir and The Congress, which also contained live scenes) were not aimed particularly at children. The deal changes with Where’s Anne Frank! which, beyond its qualities, was considered for educational purposes, with booklets for teachers and students.

Based on the famous Diary of Anne Frank (whose family was deported the same day as the director’s parents), the feature film is not a literal adaptation, even if a few chapters are transcribed on screen. The director goes back and forth between past and present, and draws parallels with the current situation and the migrant crisis in Europe.

Passed by the last Cannes Film Festival, and carried by the voices of Ludivine Sagnier and Sara Giraudeau in the French version, the film tells as much the tragic story of Anne Frank as it questions her heritage, at a time when many seem to have forgot this symbol of human atrocities.

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