Cinema with children: which films to watch during the All Saints’ Day 2020 holidays? – Cinema News

 Cinema with children: which films to watch during the All Saints' Day 2020 holidays? - Cinema News

Fancy a family cinema during the All Saints holidays? AlloCiné recommends films according to the age of your children (classified from the youngest to the oldest and according to the release date).

Recommended from 3 years old

The Chilling Adventures Of Rita And Thing

Release September 9, 2020

Rita and her dog Machin return for new adventures. Adapted from children’s books by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod and illustrator Olivier Tallec, Les Nouvelles Aventures De Rita et Machin revisits the daily life of children through 5-minute lozenges (rainy Sunday, the swimming pool, the birthday. ..). A tender and gentle film at the height of children (the presence of adults simply illustrated by the voices of parents or long legs passing through the frame).

The Unloved

Release September 16, 2020

Spiders, earthworms, wolves, bats … Discover the universe of these unloved animals thanks to 4 animated short films. Director Hélène Ducrocq had the idea for this film when she discovered a bat nestled in a crack in her balcony and wished to arouse the curiosity of the youngest, as the bat was able to arouse hers. This film, which is aimed especially at the little ones and makes them aware of ecology, will also allow adults to discover the ecosystem and the life of these unloved ones …

Yeh! It’s Wednesday

Release September 23, 2020

After the success of Rita and Crocodile, released in theaters in 2018 (more than 150,000 admissions), the two heroes are back with Youpi! It’s Wednesday. Because Wednesday is still the best day of the week for children. This compilation of short films show the different activities of our heroes during this day of leisure: building a cabin, going to the cinema, celebrating a birthday, playing and imagining funny adventures on a rainy Wednesday … So many ‘activities in which children can find themselves. The duration (40 minutes) and the pastel drawings are perfect for a first cinema.

Chien Pourri, life in Paris!

Release October 7, 2020

Born under the pen of Colas Gutman in 2009 (it is a secondary character of the novel “Rose”), Chien pourri is so successful that the author devotes to him, in 2013, a series of novels illustrated by Marc Boutavant . 11 other works will follow. With more than 700,000 copies sold and translated into nine languages, the novels are now bestsellers. Adapted for an animated series broadcast on France Televisions this summer, this dog, as naive as he is touching, arrives at the cinema in a program of 5 short films. Accompanied by his friend Chaplapla, Chien Pourri will experience new adventures in the French capital. The film is directed by talented host Davy Durand and by famous Belgian duo Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier (Panique au village, Ernest and Célestine …). The rhythm, the characters, the dialogue and the humor (from the title) are sure to please children. The film is full of benevolence and positivity, “Poupou” sees only the good and the beautiful and that feels good.

The Owl in a chef’s hat

Release October 14, 2020

The Storytelling Owl returns with 5 new short films, this time devoted to food. In this program, La Chouette du cinéma humorously addresses the food chain and evokes the emotional value of our food. Through these pastilles, including “The Large Mouth Frog”, often told in kindergarten, or “Dame Tartine”, inspired by a popular song 150 years old, children will discover the benefits of food on the body and on the skin. mind. After La Chouette between wakefulness and sleep and Les Ritournelles de la Chouette, discover La Chouette en toque with your little gourmets.

The Whale and the Snail

Release October 21, 2020

A small sea snail that dreams of escape embarks on a journey to the heart of the ocean on the back of a large humpback whale. The Whale and the Snail is the new collaboration of the artist duo Donaldson / Scheffler, to whom it owes in particular The Gruffalo and Zébulon, the dragon. A fabulous odyssey around an unusual friendship between an immense being and another, very small. Presented during the “Les Toons disembark” Festival following two short films, this Anglo-Franco-Czech production is a hymn to aquatic flora and tolerance. Sumptuous and intelligent.

Recommended from 6 years old

Walks under the stars

Release September 23, 2020

What happens at night when everyone is asleep? Composed of 6 short films, Strolls under the stars takes us to meet wonderful animals and characters who will have to overcome their fears to plunge into the night or into sleep. Whether in the forest, in the mountains or in the warmth of a room, the spectators are drawn into a nocturnal walk full of poetry. The film prompts children to reflect on the (sometimes irrational) fear of the dark.

The Trolls 2 – World Tour

Release October 14, 2020

Four years after their first cinematic adventure, the Trolls are back with The Trolls 2 – World Tour. In this feature film from Dreamworks studios, Poppy and her faithful friend Branche will discover that there are other music and other trolls. Barb, the queen of the hard-rock kingdom seems determined to make her music reign over the world. Poppy and her friends then go on an adventure to unite the Trolls against Barb. This colorful and fast-paced film brings a message of tolerance and peace. Dubbed in French by Vitaa and Matt Pokora, Les Trolls 2 will amuse parents and children and make you want to dance.

Little vampire

Release October 21, 2020

9 years after Le Chat du Rabbin, the author and director Joann Sfar returns with a new adaptation of one of his works: the comic strip Petit Vampire. First published in 1999, Petit Vampire has already been adapted into an animated series produced by France Télévisions. The feature film, dubbed by Camille Cottin, Alex Lutz and Jean-Paul Rouve is adapted from the first volume entitled, Little vampire goes to school. In the film, Little Vampire lives in a house with other happy monsters, but is terribly bored … Accompanied by Fantomate, his faithful bulldog, he escapes the mansion in secret, determined to meet other children. Very quickly, he becomes friends with Michel, a little boy as clever as he is endearing. But their budding friendship will catch the attention of the terrifying Gibbous, an old nemesis who had been on the trail of Little Vampire and his family for years. This film with its particular design is faithful to the comic book and will allow children to celebrate Halloween at the cinema too!

100% wolf

Release October 28, 2020

The director of The Great Adventure of Maya the Bee (Alexs Stadermann) returns with 100% Wolf. A vibrant animated film adapted from Jayne Lyons’ children’s book, 100% Wolf. A work that gives pride of place to friendship, humor and the fantastic and sends the message that you should not judge someone by their appearance. In the film, Freddy Lupine and his family have been hiding a great secret for centuries. By day, they are ordinary humans. But as soon as night falls, they become werewolves! On his fourteenth birthday, Freddy expects to transform into a werewolf for the first time. But the evening of his initiation nothing goes as planned and here he becomes… a cute little poodle with a strong character. Freddy now has only one goal: to demonstrate that he is indeed 100% Wolf! A fantastic and cute action movie.

Recommended from 8 years old

Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

Release October 14, 2020

Four years after the success of Tout en haut du monde, director Rémi Chayé returns with a new animated film, this time about the reinvented youth of the queen of the trigger: Calamity Jane. Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary plunges us into 19th century America, alongside a strong and independent protagonist, forced to free herself from her social rank and her condition as a woman in order to be able to get out of hard trials of life. A tale of adventures on the emancipation of a heroine in the era of time, full of good feelings. Prepare to conquer the West alongside endearing characters, in full scenes enhanced by high quality animation. This Franco-Danish work, awarded the Cristal for Feature Film at the Annecy Festival 2020, will convince both adults and children.


Adapted from the cult series by novelist Cécile Aubry, broadcast in the 1960s, Poly takes us into the daily life of a young girl determined to save an abused pony from the circus of which he is the star. But that’s without counting the director Brancalou, who intends to keep his flagship beast prisoner. After Belle et Sébastien released in 2013, the director and adventurer Nicolas Vanier gives us a new story of touching and atypical friendship between man and animal. Beyond simple entertainment, this mountain journey carried by the promising Elisa de Lambert, Julie Gayet, François Cluzet and Patrick Timsit, is also mobilized for the animal condition. A topical subject that speaks to everyone and still encourages us to respect nature.

Release October 21, 2020

Recommended from 10 years old


Release September 23, 2020

This Latvian animated film, winner of the Contrechamps Prize at the 2019 Annecy Festival, takes us to the heart of an unknown country, in which a young boy wakes up after surviving an air disaster. Chased by a strange giant humanoid, he tries to return home, accompanied by a small yellow bird. Far from the usual animated productions, Ailleurs fascinates by its originality and its total absence of dialogue. With its lush landscapes and exotic wildlife, this fantastic adventure feature film is a real breath of fresh air. A dive into the heart of the imagination that fills our eyes.

Lupine III: The First

Release October 7, 2020

Do not be confused by the title: Lupine III does not refer to the third installment of a saga but to the grandson of the famous gentleman burglar, Arsène Lupine. It was inspired by this emblematic character of French literature that the mangaka Monkey Punch created Lupine, third of the name, at the end of the 1960s. A crazy super- (anti) -hero who immediately seduces readers for his side bad-boy and his annoying tendency to always act as he sees fit. And after having been adapted into series and classic animated films, the adventures of the young man land this time in 3D to reach a wider audience. With its colorful character palette, its tasty mix of humor and espionage and its very Jamesbondian trailer: Lupine III: The First will delight fans of the first hour as well as new audiences.

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