Cinema with children: which films to see with the family during the holidays?

The All Saints holidays begin today: the perfect opportunity to take your children to see a movie on the big screen. And that’s good, right now, there is something for everyone in theaters!

If the All Saints’ Day holidays are ideal for long walks in the forest and other fall fun, they are also perfect for going to the movies with the family. To warm up between two outings, but above all to discover pretty films that will appeal to young and old alike, such as Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas or The Addams Family 2.

Discover below our selection of films intended for children according to their age:

Zébulon the dragon and the flying doctors (from 3 years old)

Les Films du Préau

Released October 20

After a first foray on the big screen in Zébulon the dragon in 2019, the endearing and awkward Zébulon is back in Zébulon the dragon and the flying doctors, always adapted from the stories of Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson, recognized as the duo of creators of number one children’s books in the UK.

Here is our improbable team of flying doctors: Princess Pearl accompanied by Messire Tagada and Zébulon the dragon. They heal all kinds of creatures until the storm forces them to land at the castle. A princess doctor? The king does not hear it that way, but Perle is determined to lead the life she has chosen …

Sam the firefighter & the mysterious Superhero (from 3 years old)

Pathé Live

Released October 13

Adored by toddlers, the British series Sam the Firefighter has already had several adaptations to the cinema, including The Fires of the Spotlight in 2018. This year, the famous fire fighter returns in Sam the Firefighter & the Mysterious Superhero , a 58-minute film that should keep your little ones going.

A chain of incidents calls out to Sam the firefighter and the police officer Malcom while a mysterious “flying man” plays each time the saviors in extremis. During this time, the heroic “super Nicolas” searches for people to help but obviously, he finds nothing but trouble.

Growing up is great! (from 3 years)

Cinema Public Movies

Released October 20

Are you afraid of the dark? Have you ever thrown a “bottle in the sea”? Have you ever gone down a well in search of your destiny? Three short films, three stories of children who open their wings to discover in the cinema during the holidays.

Even mice go to paradise (from 6 years old)

Gebeka Films

Released on October 27

Even the Mice Go to Heaven, feature film with a particular graphic style, will delight children from 6 years old, and will make them think about delicate themes to tackle such as mourning. An animated film that goes off the beaten track, offering an alternative to the blockbusters Pixar, Disney or Sony.

After an unfortunate accident, a young mouse with a strong character and a rather withdrawn fox find themselves in animal paradise. In this new world, they have to let go of their natural instincts and follow a whole journey towards a new life. Through this adventure, they become the best friends in the world and the rest of their trip will have many surprises in store for them.

The Wolf and the Lion (from 6 years old)


Released October 13

After Mia and the White Lion, Gilles de Maistre returns with a new family where a young woman befriends a wild animal, or rather two in the case of The Wolf and the Lion! Furry animals that are sure to crack your little ones.

On the death of her grandfather, Alma (Molly Kunz), a 20-year-old pianist returns to her childhood home, lost on a desert island in Canada. There, everything changes when a wolf cub and a lion cub in distress appear in his life. She chooses to keep them to save them and the unlikely happens: they grow up together and love each other like brothers. But their ideal world crumbles when their secret is discovered …

Whoops ! I missed the ark again … (from 6 years old)

Paradis Films

Released October 20

Six years later Oops! I missed the ark…, Finny, the Nestrian, and Leah, the Grymps, are back for an even crazier adventure. In Oops! I missed the ark again … the two friends find themselves once again separated from their parents for better or for worse.

After the Flood, as Noah’s Ark drifts landless on the horizon, Finny and Leah are thrown overboard with all the provisions… Oops! It is the start of a race against time in which our young friends will have to fight to reunite with their families, bring peace to an Ark on the brink, and save an entire species from extinction.

The Addams Family 2: a hell of a ride (from 6 years old)

Universal Pictures International France

Released October 13

Absent from movie and television screens in the 2000s, the Addams family made their comeback in 2019 with a hugely successful animated film. A sequel was therefore quickly started: The Addams Family 2: a hell of a ride.

In this new adventure, we find Morticia and Gomez lost in front of their children who have grown up well, they skip family meals, and they spend their time glued to their screens. In an attempt to reconnect with family, they decide to board Mercredi, Pugsley, Uncle Foul and the whole gang in their haunted camper van and hit the road for the last sad family vacation. Their adventures across the United States take them out of their familiar landmarks and plunge them into hilarious situations with their iconic cousin, The Thing, soon joined by some wacky new characters. But what could go wrong?

Ron unlocks (from 8 years old)

The Walt Disney Company France

Released October 20

Ron Unblock, which marks the debut of the Locksmith Animation studio, is a charming feature film in which a young boy befriends a funny and blundering little machine, which may crack your children!

The story of Barney, a most normal college boy, and Ron, a connected technological feat who can walk and talk, and designed to be his best friend. Ron’s dysfunctions in the age of social networks lead the duo into incredible adventures during which boy and robot will discover the notion of sincere friendship in the middle of a joyful disorder …

The Wolf People (from 8 years old)

High and Short

Released October 20

Third feature film by Tomm Moore, The Wolf People marks the end of the triptych on Irish folklore and the links between man and his environment started with Brendan and the secret of Kells then followed by Song of the Sea.

In Ireland, during the days of superstition and magic, Robyn, an 11-year-old girl, helps her father hunt the last pack of wolves. But one day, during a hunt in the forest, Robyn meets Mebh, a little girl by day, wolf by night. Now for Robyn, having also joined the wolf people, the threat no longer comes from wolves, but from men!

Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas (from 8 years old)

Jerome Prebois

Released October 20

This new part of Petit Nicolas is resolutely placed under the sign of adventure, with the quest for a treasure as a backdrop. Suspense and twists should keep young and old alike in suspense.

Who has never imagined going on the trail of a hidden treasure? We get caught up in the game very quickly, like the hero who takes himself for a budding Indiana Jones! Finally, how to resist the little nonsense that makes the salt of Little Nicolas and his gang!

Little Nicolas’s Treasure adopts a new cast: the parents are now played by Audrey Lamy and Jean-Paul Rouve, and Le Petit Nicolas by Ilan Debrabant (seen in particular in Roulez Jeunesse and 10 jours sans maman).

7 days (from 10 years old)


Released October 6

7 Days is an adaptation of the novel written by Osamu Sôda, 7 Days War, published in 1985. The book aroused phenomenal enthusiasm among middle and high school students, becoming a bestseller and a true classic of Japanese literature. It is the director Yuta Murano, who notably officiated on the excellent series Kakushigoto, who directs the film. He surrounded himself with a big name in the script: Ichirô Ôkôchi, famous for his work on Code Geass or Devilman Crybaby. 7 jours is his first feature film intended for the big screen.

Murano seized the themes of the original book, which has sold over 20 million copies, to dust it off. The filmmaker was keen to inject the dose of modernity necessary for an adaptation in 2021, in the era of social networks, bringing a scathing criticism. Thus, the plot of the anime resonates with the news, especially on issues of identity, harassment, isolation, the dangers of the Internet and depression. 7 Days offers a breath of fresh air for teenagers and a healthy dose of loving nostalgia for adults.

Evangelion: Death (True) ² (from 12 years old)


Released on November 3

Fans of Japanese animation will be in heaven with the release of this film, divided into 2 parts. The first, Death, summarizes episodes 1 to 24 of the cult series Evangelion. The second, Rebirth, constitutes the first 15 minutes of episode 25 (episode 25 TV revamped, improved, completed with a previously unseen story). The Death part is a rather random reassembly of the TV series.

This reassembly incorporates several new scenes, which were integrated into the TV series in its video version (released 2 years after the first TV broadcast). The Rebirth part is not complete, because the Gainax studio did not have time to complete their project (episodes 25 and 26). It was therefore decided to broadcast a first film in March, in which would be shown a taste of the final product (the Rebirth part) and another film in the summer, which this time would be the full version.

The End of Evangelion (from 12 years old)


Released on November 3

The End of Evangelion is a movie divided into two parts (Episode 25: Love is Destructive and Episode 26: ONE MORE FINAL: I need you). It offers a version of episodes 25 and 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, final episodes of the series that have generated many reactions of discontent among fans. Indeed, this feature film brings a realistic and pragmatic conclusion, unlike the animated series of 1996 which could only bring a philosophical end.

Consequence of the televisual context of the 1990s, the film is therefore chaptered in two parts: the first, centered on the Nerv, the man, and the angels; and the second part, centered on Shinji Ikari and the complementarity plan. In fact, The End of Evangelion is the real ending creator Hideaki Anno had planned for the series. Deemed too extreme by TV Tokyo, the channel on which Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast, however, Anno was forced to create a new ending.

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