Cinema releases on September 1: Shang-Chi, Un Triomphe, Malignant

Cinema releases on September 1: Shang-Chi, Un Triomphe, Malignant

Anecdotes of the shooting, notes of intention, information for film enthusiasts: every week, take a look behind the scenes of cinema outings.

A Triumph by Emmanuel Courcol

With Kad Merad, David Ayala, Lamine Cissokho …

What is it about ? An actor in galley accepts to make ends meet to lead a theater workshop in prison. Surprised by the inmates’ talents as an actor, he took it into his head to put on a play with them on the stage of a real theater. Then begins a formidable human adventure. Inspired by a True Story.

Did you know ? A triumph is inspired by a true story, that of Jan Jönson, a Swedish actor who, in 1985, staged the play “Waiting for Godot” with the inmates of a high security prison. It was Emmanuel Courcol’s producer, Marc Bordure, who spoke about this story to the director.

Cinema releases on september 1
Cinema releases on september 1

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings of Fate Daniel Cretton

With Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung Chiu Wai …

What is it about ? Shang-Chi will have to face a past he thought he left behind when he is caught in the web of the mysterious organization of the ten rings.

Did you know ? The character of Shang-Chi, a martial arts master capable of endlessly duplicating himself, appeared in 1973 (the year of The Iron Hand’s theatrical cardboard that would launch the wave of Kung-Fu films). He was born to cartoonists Al Milgrom and Jim Starlin and screenwriter Steve Englehart.

Malignant by James Wan

With Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young …

What is it about ? Madison Mitchell’s life is disrupted when terrible visions come to haunt her. Who is this evil creature who pursues her and commits these atrocious murders? A new original story by James Wan, the master of horror.

Did you know ? Malignant is worn by Annabelle Wallis, who was the heroine of Annabelle, spin-off of Conjuring: The Warren Records, directed by James Wan. We also find in the credits Mckenna Grace, who played the daughter of the Warrens in Annabelle – La Maison Du Mal.

Ride Your Wave by Masaaki Yuasa

With Ryōta Katayose, Rina Kawaei, Honoka Matsumoto …

What is it about ? Hinako, a young girl passionate about surfing, moves to a seaside town. During a fire, she is saved by a firefighter named Minato. From this incident will be born an incredible fusion between two beings that everything opposes.

Did you know ? With Ride Your Wave, Masaaki Yuasa wanted to tell a simple love story aimed at young adults: “For each of these two young people, the other is her hero, while these two help each other. I have always thought that heroes exist in our surroundings, very close. […] I think it’s a film that talks about life and gives us courage. “

Laila in Haifa by Amos Gitaï

With Maria Zreik, Khawla Ibraheem, Tsahi Halevi …

What is it about ? During one night, in a club in Haifa where Palestinians and Israelis come together, the paths of five women intertwine through a series of encounters and situations, defying all social, political and sexual categories and labels.

Did you know ? One evening, Amos Gitaï went to the famous club in the center of Laila in Haifa with one of the Palestinian actresses from his previous film, A Tramway in Jerusalem. The filmmaker remembers: “We saw all the hottest clubs in Haifa. I found in this Fattoush club a mix of Jews and Arabs, Israelis, Palestinians, straight guys and gays. refuge where people of different origins meet. “

Being with the Bees by Perinne Bertrand, Yan Grill

What is it about ? A film resolutely shot on the bees’ side, full of hope, enriching, engaged, exciting and politically incorrect … which will transform our view of this insect and the living world. Being with bees talks about the European honey bee (Apis mellifera) in general and its relationship with humans.

Did you know ? The objective of this documentary is to raise awareness of the preservation of these insects and to suggest concrete avenues for natural, sustainable beekeeping that respects nature. “We can live from and with nature without overexploiting it, without destroying it and in balance and harmony with it”, affirms Perrine Bertrand.

The son of the grocer, the mayor, the village and the world of Claire Simon

What is it about ? In Lussas, in the South of France, a small group gathered in the old village grocery store. Among the vineyards and the cherry trees in bloom, the company that is preparing there is quite unique for the rural world: to create an ultra-modern platform for the dissemination of documentary films on the Internet.

Did you know ? The film shows how the economy decides everything, and how it is the common language of these two activities which seem so different. Claire Simon develops: “How each other’s lives speak to each other in numbers and continually ask themselves around the same questions: Are we going to hold on? Are we going to be successful? How to get there? At what cost ? According to what biases? “

Gogo by Pascal Plisson

What is it about ? At 94, Gogo joined her village school and became the oldest schoolgirl in the world. The dean of schoolgirls sets herself a challenge: to pass her exam at the end of primary school and prove that there is no age to learn!

Did you know ? It was through a friend who lives in Nairobi and who read an article in a local newspaper devoted to Gogo that Pascal Plisson discovered the story of this 94-year-old woman who was returning to school benches. primary. If the principal concerned did not know what a film was, she agreed to be followed on her journey as it could serve as an example and convince other little girls to go to school.

A story of love and desire by Leyla Bouzid

With Sami Outalbali, Zbeida Belhajamor, Diong-Keba Tacu …

What is it about ? Ahmed, 18, is French of Algerian origin. He grew up in the Parisian suburbs. On the benches of the university, he meets Farah, a young Tunisian full of energy freshly landed from Tunis with whom he falls in love. Overwhelmed by desire, he will try to resist it.

Did you know ? With A Story of Love and Desire, Leyla Bouzid wanted to film a young man who cannot fully experience his feeling of love, “A shy young man, literally overwhelmed by desire but who resists it. A young man of Arab culture, because it is the culture that I know best, who doubts, who has weaknesses, who does not assume his responsibilities. surges of life. “

Dear friends ! by Andrey Konchalovsky

With Yuliya Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrey Gusev …

What is it about ? A provincial town in the south of the USSR in 1962. Lioudmila is a dedicated civil servant in the Communist Party. Her daughter decides to participate in a strike at a local factory. Events take a tragic turn. Lioudmila sets out to find her missing daughter.

Did you know ? With Dear Comrades !, Andrey Konchalovsky was anxious to reproduce scrupulously and in great detail the era of the USSR of the 1960s: “I think the postwar Soviets, those who fought in WWII until victory, deserve to have a film that pays homage to their purity and the tragic dissonance that followed the take. awareness of the difference between communist ideals and the reality around them. “

Atarrabi and Mikelats by Eugène Green

With Saia Hiriart, Lukas Hiriart, Ainara Leemans …

What is it about ? The goddess Mari entrusts her two sons, born of a mortal father, to the Devil for their education. When they come of age, one, Mikelats, decides to stay with the master, while the other, Atarrabi, runs away. But the Devil manages to hold back his shadow.

Did you know ? Eugène Green absolutely wanted to make the film in Basque, in order to help the Basques to reappropriate their culture, abused in the south by Francoism (the Basque language was totally banned during the Franco dictatorship) and in the north by Jacobinism ( which had a program of extermination of any language other than French on the national territory).

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