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Cinema releases on October 28 DNA Chiffon Boy 100 wolf

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Maïwenn’s DNA

With Maïwenn, Fanny Ardant, Louis Garrel …

What is it about ? Neige, divorced and mother of three, regularly visits Emir, her Algerian grandfather who now lives in a retirement home. She adores and admires this pillar of the family, who raised her and above all protected her from the toxicity of her parents. Relationships between the many members of the family are complicated and resentments are numerous …

Did you know ? Like the films Polisse and Le Bal des actrices, Maïwenn gathered around her a solid cast, made up of Fanny Ardant, Louis Garrel, Marine Vacth and Dylan Robert, revealed by Scheherazade, for which he received the César du best male hope.

Chiffon Boy by Nicolas Maury

With Nicolas Maury, Laure Calamy, Nathalie Baye …

What is it about ? Jeremy, in his thirties, struggles to get his acting career off the ground. His sentimental life is damaged by his repeated attacks of jealousy and his relationship is in trouble. He then decides to leave Paris and go to his homeland, Limousin, where he will try to repair himself with his mother …

Did you know ? The film is part of the Cannes 2020 Official Selection.

The Craft – Zoe Lister-Jones’ New Witches

With Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone …

What is it about ? The introverted Hannah arrives at a new high school. She befriends three other comrades. Young women begin to practice magic and summon the most powerful spirits in order to turn their dreams into reality.

Did you know ? The Craft – The New Witches is a reboot of The Craft – Dangerous Alliance. Released in the mid-90s, The Craft (in original version) has since acquired a status of “cult film”. He was even at the heart of the documentary on the “teen movie” phenomenon, Beyond Clueless, whose narrator was … Fairuza Balk!

100% wolf by Alexs Stadermann

With Akmal Saleh, Alexs Stadermann

What is it about ? Freddy Lupine and his family are ordinary humans. But as soon as night falls, they become werewolves! On his fourteenth birthday, Freddy expects to transform for the first time. But the evening of his initiation, here he becomes… a cute little pink poodle!

Did you know ? 100% loup is adapted from “100% Wolf” by writer Jayne Lyons, who was voted best children’s book recommended by parents in Australia in 2009. The work gives pride of place to the themes of friendship , humor and the fantastic. The book also has its sequel, “100% Hero”.

A Secret Life of Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi, José Mari Goenaga

With Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta, Vicente Vergara …

What is it about ? Spain, 1936. Higinio, a Republican partisan, sees his life threatened by the arrival of Franco’s troops. With the help of his wife Rosa, he decides to hide in their own house. The fear of reprisals and the love they feel for each other condemn the couple to captivity.

Did you know ? Jose Mari Goenaga: “We were inspired by Manuel H. Martin’s documentary film 30 Years of Darkness, screened in 2012 at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film told the story of several“ moles ”during the Spanish Civil War. He focused more particularly on Manuel Cortes, the Mayor of Mijas, a town in the province of Malaga.

Under the stars of Paris by Claus Drexel

With Catherine Frot, Mahamadou Yaffa, Jean-Henri Compère …

What is it about ? For many years, Christine has lived under a bridge, isolated from all family and friends. On a night like it only exists in fairy tales, a young 8-year-old boy bursts into his shelter. Suli does not speak French, he is lost, separated from his mother …

Did you know ? The theme of the homeless is of particular interest to Claus Drexel since before directing Under the stars of Paris, he directed Au bord du monde, a documentary focused on homeless people in Paris.

Vortex by Christophe Karabache

What is it about ? With Julien Romano, Claudia Fortunato, Joelle Hélary … A desperate killer leaves the city and crosses his path a mysterious witch intimately linked to nature. Thus begins a strange organic relationship, between life and death …

Did you know ? Vortex mixes drama and fantasy. The two characters in the film (the man and the woman) are contradictory but still come together insofar as they both have power over life: one takes it, the other gives it back.

Alive! by Alex Ferrini

What is it about ? “Alive!” offers new elements of answers through very moving testimonies of people who have experienced physical and mental regeneration. The Good Grain and the Weeds by Manuela Fresil

Did you know ? Alive! offers new elements of answers through very moving testimonies of people who have experienced physical and mental regeneration. They testify with simplicity of their change of framework and philosophy of life, of their relationship to ecology, the elements, spirituality, nature and food.

Against Winds and Tides by Jean-Philippe Jacquemin

What is it about ? What do we keep from the Resistance? We follow the course of 4 resistance fighters of the Second World War and the news of their very last fight.