Cinema releases on December 22: Matrix Resurrections, Tous en scene 2, Madeleine …

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Matrix Resurrections by Lana Wachowski

With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith …

What is it about ? MATRIX RESURRECTIONS plunges us back into two parallel realities – that of our daily life and that of the world hidden there. To know for sure whether his own reality is a physical or mental construct, and to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to follow the White Rabbit again.

Did you know ? If Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith are back in Matrix Resurrections, this is not the case for two central actors of the saga: Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith). The character of Morpheus still appears in this fourth installment, but in a younger version (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

All in scene 2 by Garth Jennings

With Matthew McConaughey, Jenifer Bartoli, Reese Witherspoon …

What is it about ? Buster Moon and his troupe of stage beasts think even bigger with a completely crazy spectacle. But this time, they are determined to go shine in the spotlight of the show biz capital. They only have one problem: persuading the most anti-social star the world has ever known to take the stage with them.

Did you know ? As its title suggests, the film is the sequel to Tous en scène, released in France in 2017. The latter grossed more than $ 634 million at the global box office.

Madeleine Collins by Antoine Barraud

With Virginie Efira, Bruno Salomone, Quim Gutiérrez …

What is it about ? Judith leads a double life between Switzerland and France. On the one hand Abdel, with whom she is raising a little girl, on the other Melvil, with whom she has two older boys. Little by little, this fragile balance made up of lies, secrets and back and forth cracks dangerously …

Did you know ? Antoine Barraud wanted to make a film centered on a woman using her profession to hide her double life. The filmmaker thought of the movement that this generates: a protagonist who moves, who goes back and forth: “The double life, we have seen it many times in the cinema for men, but hardly ever with a woman. Because the question of children, if there are any, immediately arises …”

Slim then 2! by Charlotte De Turckheim

With Catherine Hosmalin, Lola Dewaere, Charlotte De Turckheim …

What is it about ? Isabelle and her niece Nina are opening a “fasting and detox” cure in the heart of Provence, with the help of Baptiste, yogi and handyman, Jessica, tantric masseuse, and Maxime, attractive equitherapist.

Did you know ? In this sequel, Charlotte De Turckheim wanted to address the problem of the growing number of adolescents suffering from obesity: “I wanted to show what it’s like, at this age, not to be in the norm. On the other hand, I found myself with two lead actresses – Catherine Hosmalin and Lola Dewaere – who had become … thin.”

It is you that I expected from Stéphanie Pillonca

What is it about ? It is you I was waiting for plunges us into the intimacy of couples who wish to adopt a child and impatiently await the call that will change their lives. But it is also the story of Alexandra who searches by all means for her son born under X, or Sylvian who fights every day to find his biological mother.

Did you know ? It is you that I was waiting for was born from the meeting between the director and Astrid de Lauzanne, co-writer of the documentary, who herself adopted and wanted to evoke her career in a film. This desire resonated with the journey of Stéphanie Pillonca, many of whose friends went through adoption to become mothers.

Louis Garrel’s Crusade

With Louis Garrel, Laetitia Casta, Joseph Engel …

What is it about ? Abel and Marianne discover that their 13-year-old son Joseph has smuggled their most precious items. They quickly understand that Joseph is not the only one, they are hundreds of children around the world associated to finance a mysterious project.

Did you know ? It is the screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière who had the idea of ​​children who mobilize for ecology and the protection of the environment. But Louis Garrel was not convinced when he presented the project to him. Three months later, the news proved Carrière right: Greta Thunberg made the headlines with a hunger strike to raise awareness of the environmental cause.

My Kid by Nir Bergman

What is it about ? Along with Shai Avivi, Noam Imber, Smadi Wolfman … Aaron dedicated his life to raising his autistic son Uri. Together, they live in a routine cut off from the real world. But Uri is now a young adult, with new wants and needs.

Did you know ? Screenwriter Dana Idisis wrote this film based on the relationship between her autistic brother and her father. Nir Bergman knows them both, both personally and also through the documentary she made about her family, Seret Bar Mitzvah (2013).

White Building by Neang Kavich

With Chhun Piseth, Soem Chinnaro, Jany Min …

What is it about ? Samnang, 20, faces the demolition of the house he has always lived in Phnom Penh, the “White Building”, and the pressures of family, friends and neighbors who appear and pass each other as the bell rings. the demolition of the building.

Mica by Ismael Ferroukhi

With Zakaria Inan, Sabrina Ouazani, Azelarab Kaghat …

What is it about ? Mica, a child from a slum, finds himself propelled as a handyman in a tennis club in Casablanca frequented by the Moroccan nomenklatura. Ready to do anything to change his destiny, he will be noticed by Sophia, an ex-champion who will take him under her wing.

Did you know ? Mica is a film about childhood, a period already described in previous films by Ismael Ferroukhi. The director explains why: “Each of my films deals primarily with cultural differences, with transmission, and through that with the complexity of human relations. For me, childhood is both innocence and learning, but also a time when all dreams are possible. “

Copyright Van Gogh by Yu Tianqi Kiki, Yu Haibo

What is it about ? In China, painters are copying the works of Van Gogh and other renowned artists on a large scale. Subsequently, the “works” are exported all over the world to be sold to tourists.

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