Cinema releases on August 25: France, Reminiscence, La Terre des hommes

Cinema releases on August 25: France, Reminiscence, La Terre des Hommes

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The Land of Men by Naël Marandin

With Diane Rouxel, Finnegan Oldfield, Jalil Lespert …

Cinema releases on august 25
Cinema releases on august 25

What is it about ? Constance is a farmer’s daughter. With her fiancé, she wants to take over her father’s business and save it from bankruptcy. For that, it is necessary to grow, to invest and to impose oneself vis-a-vis the large exploiters who share the ground and the power …

Did you know ? Naël Marandin was part of an artists’ collective, KompleXKapharnaüM. As part of a show, he filmed cattle breeders in Burgundy who took him to the cattle market. Fascinated by this immersion, the director immediately wanted to make a film of it.

D’Artagnan and the three Musketeers by Toni García

With Karina Matas Piper, Scott Cleverdon, Julio Perillan …

What is it about ? The young D’Artagnan left his native Gascony to go to Paris with the ambition of becoming the King’s Musketeer. As soon as he arrived, he fell under the spell of sweet Constance, the Queen’s trusted lady …

Did you know ? D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers is the feature film adaptation of the 1980s animated series, based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas père. This series has been broadcast in over 100 countries and on over 150 channels. In France, it was broadcast from 1984 in the Vitamine program on TF1 then in the Club Dorothée in 1988 and in the Amuse 3 program on FR3 in 1989.

Fragile by Emma Benestan

With Yasin Houicha, Oulaya Amamra, Raphaël Quenard …

What is it about ? Az works for an oyster farmer in Sète. He knows oysters by heart, he opens them by the hundreds. In one of them, Az decides to hide a ring, to ask his girlfriend Jess to marry him. She doesn’t say yes. Fortunately, his group of friends are desperate to help him get his head out of the water.

Did you know ? The title came to Emma Benestan from the expression: “Toi, t’es un fragile”, which has always marked the director. The latter wanted the viewer to ask himself the question: “What does it mean, fragile, if we really think about it?”.

France by Bruno Dumont

With Léa Seydoux, Blanche Gardin, Benjamin Biolay …

What is it about ? “France” is at the same time the portrait of a woman, journalist on television, of a country, ours, and of a system, that of the media.

Did you know ? France was presented in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. Bruno Dumont is a filmmaker accustomed to the Croisette since several of his films have been presented and / or awarded there. This is the case of La Vie de Jésus (Camera d’Or), L’Humanité (Grand Prix du jury and a double prize for interpretation), Flandres (Grand Prix du jury), the mini-series P’tit Quinquin (selected at the Fortnight) or even Ma Loute.

The Witches of Akelarre by Pablo Agüero

With Alex Brendemühl, Amaia Aberasturi, Daniel Fanego …

What is it about ? Basque Country, 1609. Six young women are arrested and accused of having participated in a diabolical ceremony, the Sabbath. Whatever they say, whatever they do, they will be considered witches. All they have to do is become one …

Did you know ? While presenting Salamandra, his first feature film, at the Directors’ Fortnight in 2008, Pablo Agüero discovered in a library made up exclusively of books that had been banned La Sorcière by Jules Michelet, the reading of which upset him.

Reminiscence of Lisa Joy

With Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton …

What is it about ? In the near future, Miami has been swamped by the waves, due to the effects of climate change. A private investigator, Nick Bannister, is hired by clients to find their precious memories. During his last case, the detective finds himself lost in a time loop.

Did you know ? Director Lisa Joy called on collaborators she had rubbed shoulders with on Westworld, such as cinematographer Paul Cameron, set designer Howard Cummings, chief editor Mark Yoshikawa and composer Ramin Djawadi.

Don’t Breathe 2 by Rodolfo Sayagues

With Steffan Rhodri, Stephen Lang, Brendan Sexton III …

What is it about ? A few years after the first fatal break-in at Norman Nordstrom’s home, he is living quiet and peaceful days. But his old sins catch up with him …

Did you know ? As its title suggests, Don’t Breathe 2 is the sequel to Don’t Breathe: House of Darkness, which in 2016 grossed over $ 157 million worldwide for a budget of around $ 10 million. .

Little dancers by Anne-Claire Dolivet

What is it about ? What is the life of little girls who dream of becoming star dancers? They are between 6 and 10 years old. At home, at school or in the street, they experience dance with passion. But how do you grow up in a world of intensive work, demands and competitions when you are so small?

Did you know ? Having practiced it herself when she was little, Anne-Claire Dolivet had long wanted to make a film about dance. When her daughter in turn expressed her desire to dance, she discovered a Parisian neighborhood class where children can practice dance as a hobby but also follow a Dance Studies course with arranged schedules.

The Magic Ark of Vasiliy Rovenskiy

With Stephen Thomas Ochsner, Daniil Medvedev, Liza Klimova …

What is it about ? Delphi, a most timid dolphin, discovers the Magic Ark, allowing to transform any fish into what it wishes to become. One day, the malicious moray eels discover the Ark and become giant.

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