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On the occasion of the cinema release of “Sacred Momies”, we offer you a quiz on the mummies of the 7th Art. Up to you !

The Sacred Mummies animated film was released in theaters this Wednesday. First feature film by Juan Jesús García Galocha, who has already officiated as Production Designer on the film Tad the Explorer: In Search of the Lost City, the film invites you to discover the world of mummies

Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a fabulous kingdom, where mummies drive chariots, dream of becoming pop stars and live apart from human civilization. But when an archaeologist pillages one of their treasures, Thut and Princess Nefer are forced to team up and travel to the world of the living. Accompanied by Thut’s brother and his pet crocodile, they will live an extraordinary adventure in London and form an unexpected friendship.

Whether animated, vengeful, good or bad, it’s up to you to find in which films these 9 mummies appear.

Cinema quiz: which films belong to these mummies?

In which film can we see these mummies?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

In which movie can we see this mummy?

Run and hide!

It’s here stampede!

Cheer ! A real Egyptologist!

Less present in the cinema than vampires, werewolves and other killer clowns, mummies are often characters who have returned to seek revenge like Imhotep in the saga The Mummy.

In 2017, Tom Cruise turns in the film by Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy. It is a kind of reboot of the saga of the same name carried by Brendan Fraser and launched in 1999. But the trilogy led by Fraser is itself inspired by the film by Karl Freund released in 1932 and also entitled The Mummy.

Birth of the Mummy in the cinema

In 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered and legends around a curse began to circulate. Several members of the expedition are said to have died following the discovery of the sarcophagus. The public is then passionate about this story.

Carl Laemmle Jr., the founder and director of Universal, then imagined a film centered on a mummy, like what the studio had already done with Dracula and Frankenstein.


The Mummy version 1932 / 2017

He therefore offers Boris Karloff, the star of the studio who has already lent his features to Frankenstein’s creature in 1931, to interpret Imhotep. Directed by Karl Freund in 1932, this film will have 4 sequels released between 1940 and 1944 and is part of the Universal Monsters series.

Universal Monsters version 2015

A series that the studio tried to revive in 2017 with the remake The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. Russell Crowe appeared there briefly in the role of Dr Jekyll and was to have his own film, just like Javier Bardem who was to embody the creature of Frankenstein. But Universal’s MonsterVerse project was ultimately scrapped.

The Mummy, Frankenstein… Discover the Universal Monsters!

Note, however, that among the different versions of the Mummy, Alex Kurtzman’s film marks a turning point. This is the first time that the Mummy is a woman (the French Sofia Boutella).

His gender and appearance were changed after the post-credits scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which showed Apocalypse positioning the pyramids of Egypt.

The producers wanted audiences to feel compassion for the character; his desire for revenge therefore had to be nourished by tragic events.

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