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On the occasion of the release of the film “AI Artificial Intelligence” from the Prime Video catalog, we took the opportunity to concoct a quiz on films where artificial intelligence plays a major role. Will you be stronger than a robot?

Some people love artificial intelligence (or AI), others are terrified of it. Maybe because many movies use AI to tell great stories. Some are timeless, heartbreaking or terrifying.

Robots are a common factor in many sci-fi films, as they have always seemed to be part of the screenwriters’ imaginations when it comes to painting the setting for a futuristic society. Of course, with recent advances in society, there are actual robots today (perhaps even in your own home?).

Test yourself with our quiz on the subject:

However, while artificial intelligence is intruding into our lives, we have not yet reached the point where we share our lives with sentient robots. Although this topic remains fictional, many films like to play with the idea of ​​robots coming to life and having their own emotions. As is the case in AI Artificial Intelligence which tells the story of the first sentient android (Haley Joel Osment) developed in the body of a child.

With this film released in 2001, Steven Spielberg brought to the screen a project long nurtured by Stanley Kubrick. The latter was also inspired by the new Supertoys last all summer by Brian Aldiss. With an impressive budget of $100 million, AI Artificial Intelligence was a resounding success and garnered $235.93 million at the global box office.

AI Artificial Intelligence is leaving the Prime Video catalog on February 15.

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