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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez just got married more than 20 years after they met on set. Will you be good at this quiz on the couples of actors in the city and on the screen?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married last weekend in Las Vegas. A very simple marriage for the couple who met 20 years ago on the set oftroubled loves.

If the movie Martin Brest did not remain in the annals and even won several Razzies Awards, including Worst Actor for Ben Affleck and Worst Actress for Jennifer Lopez, he will at least have allowed the couple to meet.

Separated in 2004, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get back together in May 2021 before saying “Yes” to each other in complete privacy.

Many actors have met in front of the cameras and extended their romance off set. Here is a quiz on the couples of actors in the city and on the screen.

Focus on the career of Jennifer Lopez

If today Jennifer Lopez is especially famous for her music, the singer, dancer, actress and producer made her debut in front of the cameras long before singing.

In 1986, she landed the role of Myra in My Little Girl of Connie Kaiserman and continues with the comedy series In Living Color created by Keenan Ivory Wayans. She embodies one of the hip-hop dancers of the Fly Girls alongside Rosie Perez, Carrie Inaba, sasha alexander, Laurieann Gibson, Jossia Thacker eyou Lisa Marie Todd.

A role that allows him to make himself known in the dance world. J-Lo appears in particular in the clip of Janet JacksonThat’s the way love goes“.

In 1995 she landed a role in the thriller Money Train alongside Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes and continues with U-Turn, here begins hell by Oliver Stone and Anaconda, the Predator in 1997.

Her acting career was launched, although she was only offered roles in romantic comedies (A Perfect Marriage, Love at first sight in Manhattan…) or thrillers (Out of reach with George Clooney, The Cell, angel eyes…)

Parallel J-Lo spell “On The 6″his first album, in 1999. The titles “If You Had My Love”Let’s Get Loud” andwaiting for Tonight” are included in particular.

In the early 2000s, her romantic relationship with Ben Affleck hits the headlines. Met on the set oftroubled lovesthey give each other once again the reply in the romance Father and daughter.

Cinema quiz on which films were these star couples formed

Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in “Shall we dance?”

After their breakup and her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez made a strong comeback in 2005 with no less than three feature films, giving the line to sacred monsters of American cinema, such as Richard Gere to whom she teaches tango in Shall We Dance? The New Life of Mr. Clark, Jane Fonda in whom she sees a formidable mother-in-law in His mother or meand Robert Redford who holds her responsible for the death of her son in An unfinished life by Lasse Hallström.

In the very striking The Forgotten Juarez which she produced in 2007, Jennifer Lopez plays a journalist confronted with the drama of the maquiladoras. The actress returns to her favorite genres with romantic comedies Plan B and What to expect if you are expecting a childthen the thriller A neighbor too perfect. She successively teamed up with Jason Statham and then Viola Davis in action movies parker and Lila & Eve.

At the same time, Jennifer Lopez lends herself to the exercise of dubbing, for the needs of the fourth and fifth opuses of The Ice Ageas well as On the way !. Versatile, the artist returns to the small screen in the detective series Shades of Blue. Also a producer, she plays Harlee Santos, detective and single mother, working in a group of crooked police officers.

In 2018, the Brooklyn native played a woman landing a dream job thanks to a doctored resume in second chance. The following year, she camped alongside Cardi B and Constance Wu as a stripper ripping off wealthy clients in Queens.

In 2022, she returns to romantic comedy with Marry Mein which she slips into the skin of a star of the musical scene who falls in love with a professor of mathematics played by Owen Wilson.

In May 2021, she finds actor and director Ben Affleck whom she marries in July 2022.

Having signed a contract with Netflix, Jennifer Lopez will soon be showing three thrillers for the famous platform: The Mother, The Cipher and Atlas.

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