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Cinema in theaters reduced prices during a heat wave

While France is going through an episode of high heat throughout the territory, the ecologists elected to the Council of Paris have submitted the idea of ​​​​a reduced price at the cinema for vulnerable people.

When the thermometer panics, air-conditioned places serve as saving places for organisms. Movie theaters perform this function wonderfully, allowing you to refresh yourself for a few hours in front of a film.


It is for this reason that the elected representatives of the environmental group at the Council of Paris had a wish adopted at the beginning of July. The latter relates to experimentation with reduced prices in cinemas for vulnerable people during heat waves.”

The idea, in addition to making it possible to hold out against the heat wave, is to “collectivize the use of cooled spaces in order to avoid the development of individual air conditioning.”

In addition, this measure could give a boost to cinemas, hard hit by the health crisis.

Ecologists want to set up this system very quickly. However, this is not yet on the agenda and must be studied by the Paris City Hall.

“We had trouble passing the text because the assistant for seniors felt that the existing systems were sufficient. Certainly there are preferential rates for students, etc., but the idea here is to open it up to as many people as possible. large number.

And there are refreshed rooms in the town halls during the heat wave but nothing can be done about it, there is no activity”said Fatoumata Koné, president of the environmental group in Paris, at the microphone of 20 minutes.


Anyway, according to Europe1cinemas are already the big winners of the heat wave, with a million more spectators coming to spend some time in the cool.

“We tend to think that attendance is higher on rainy or bad weather days”confides Marc-Olivier Sebbag, general delegate of the national federation of French cinema.

“But in reality, it’s during the hot weather that people take refuge in cinemas, known for their coolness”he analyzes.

According to the figures, periods of high heat contribute to the good health of the rooms. “Last weekend, we made 2 and a half million. There, we expect attendance to rise to three, or even three and a half million entries in France”explains Eric Marti, general manager of Comscore Movies.


Our UK friends, meanwhile, have already taken action to help vulnerable characters in the face of an unprecedented heatwave in the UK.

Thus, the Showcase cinema chain took the decision to offer the “freshness of the rooms to its customers who have the most difficulty with the heat: the redheads.”

This unusual news went around the web, generating many comments. According to scientific studies, red-haired people are more sensitive to the sun and heat. That’s why Showcase offers them free cinema during the heat wave.

“While the UK is enjoying some much-needed sunny weather, we know how hard some people can find the heat to bear”explained Mark Barlow, general manager of Showcase Cinemas.

“That’s why, to cope with the heat wave, we are offering redheads free access to our cinema screens this Monday and Tuesday, so that they can enjoy some of the films on offer in the comfort of our cinemas. air-conditioned, and that they remain protected from the sun”did he declare.

Will this decision cross the Channel and give ideas to our operators? In any case, the occasion is good to go and see The Little Band in family, refreshing summer comedy, of which you can see the trailer above. (Released in theaters on July 20)

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