Cinema for children: Rita and Machin, a little girl, a dog, tenderness and poetry – Cinema Actus

Cinema for children: Rita and Machin, a little girl, a dog, tenderness and poetry – Cinema Actus

Imagined by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod and illustrator Olivier Tallec in children’s books since 2006, “The Adventures of Rita and Machin” are now making their cinema through short films with a unique touch.


Recommended from 3 years old

The New Adventures of Rita and Machin – Currently in theaters

The Adventures of Rita and Machin – Available on VOD and DVD

• Once upon a time : Rita is 5 years old, with a floral dress full of ideas. She is determined, energetic and full of imagination. Machin, the unnamed dog, has a spot on his eye and a little bit of tail. He is placid, fatalistic, greedy and only speaks with Rita. Rita and Machin go through all everyday situations with humor. Their relationship is by turns tender and confrontational. But it always ends with a hug!

• What they will love: This cute, light, tender, quirky and complementary duo. On the one hand, Rita, a little girl with a communicative joie de vivre (and a strong character), constantly looking for an adventure that could brighten up her day. On the other hand, his dog (or his blanket?) Lazy, but always available for his friend’s games … which he does not fail to disturb. Together, through small five-minute lozenges, they revisit children’s daily life (birthdays, rainy Sundays, the new bike, the swimming pool, the picnic …) at children’s height, the presence of children. adults simply illustrating themselves from time to time by the voice of mom or dad or long legs that disappear at the top of the frame. They will also like, without a doubt, the graphic touch of these short films, which respects the refined and minimalist aesthetic of the books by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod and Olivier Tallec with a few strokes of pencils on a white background and touches of color that come to brighten up the story. And they will obviously love it, if they are loyal readers of the albums published by Gallimard Youth, see their heroes come to life. And if they start with the films, this is a great way to extend the adventures of Rita and Machin on paper, at the turn of an evening story.


“A little girl and a funny dog, always together, it’s Rita and Thing. A little girl and a funny dog ​​who bicker but always love each other in the end.”

• What may worry them: Nothing terrifying in the adventures of Rita and Machin! If giant monsters or aliens can invite themselves into their games thanks to the limitless imagination of the little girl (special mention in the episode of the hiding place), the colorful creatures disappear as quickly, giving way to the object or the person which inspired Rita (we will thus discover that Papa is an alien in the galactic flight of the young lady). Likewise, regular small arguments between the two friends are never very serious, and are often resolved with a big hug. Finally, certain segments such as “La maison de Machin” explore children’s fears … while reassuring immediately.

• What they will keep inside them: An ode to the imagination, led by a heroine capable of transforming her daily life and her world into a great playground. Another approach to animation, too, full of sweetness, poetry and simplicity, and which contrasts with the fast-paced synthetic image productions that occupy most of the space in theaters and on television. Finally, tender stories that respect the time of childhoode and who don’t ask them to grow up too fast. As the author Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod explained to us, “we must try to remember what touched us, surprised us or amused us when we were little. (…) We try to enchant simple situations of everyday life, which all children know, but which become magical when we live them in complicity with a pet. “

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