Cinema for children: from what age to see Little vampire? – Cinema News

 Cinema for children: from what age to see Little vampire? - Cinema News

20 years after his birth in comics, Joan Sfar’s Little Vampire finally lands on the big screen. With a film full of monsters, laughter and adventure, in the form of entertainment for the whole family.


Recommended from 6 years old – In theaters from October 21

• Once upon a time : Little Vampire lives in a haunted house with a happy bunch of monsters, but he’s terribly bored … He’s been 10 years old for 300 years now, so the pirate ships, and the movie club, it’s been a long time since it no longer amuses him. His dream ? Go to school to make friends. But his parents don’t hear it that way, the outside world is far too dangerous. Accompanied by Fantomate, his faithful bulldog, Little Vampire escapes the mansion in secret, determined to meet other children. Very quickly, he befriends Michel, a little boy as clever as he is endearing. But their budding friendship will attract the attention of the terrifying Gibbous, an old foe who had been on the trail of Little Vampire and his family for years …

• What they will love: The colorful characters. A creature worthy of Frankenstein’s, a giant dog with a southern accent, a three-eyed monster, a pirate skeleton… Not to mention the Little Vampire in the title. So many protagonists that children may have discovered in the comics published since 1999 or the animated series of 2003, and that they will find with pleasure in this adventure full of life that returns to the beginning of the story and tells us the meeting between the hero and little Michel, a young boy in whom it is not difficult to recognize Joann Sfar himself. The author and director who self-adapts brilliantly and offers us a film full of humor that is sure to hit the mark with all age groups of the public, and which is full of details and winks. eye of all kinds. Enough to give the little ones the desire to return to it over the years, to find things that they had not seen or understood before.

• What may worry them: If the film plays on the gap between their appearance and their kindness of soul, Little Vampire nonetheless stages monsters. And at first glance, it can scare the youngest even if it is not so much the hero as his entourage. For a few minutes, the kids can find themselves in the same situation as Michel before discovering that all these beautiful people are actually nicer than they think, and each will remind them of people they might know. Aside from the villainous Gibbous, who has relentlessly pursued the main character and his mother for three decades. Since what he experienced as a betrayal and led to give him that monstrous look, with that face in the shape of a moon. Much like the witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, her transformation is particularly impressive. But as the director explained to us in an interview, the youngest spectators of the previews he attended were not traumatized.


Michel and the nice monsters

• What they will keep inside them: Fright, laughter, tenderness, suspense … Little Vampire will make them pass through all the emotions and will carry them easily in this whirlwind of adventures alongside these kind monsters. Very funny and colorful, the feature film is not too childish because it uses its characters to address family themes such as friendship, consent or, as Joann Sfar told us, children over-protected. These creatures will perhaps allow you to discuss these subjects with them or to make them talk about their fears, while it will take them a few more years before entering other of its reading levels, or turning to the opus to which the filmmaker refers here, from Nosferatu to Frankenstein via The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While waiting for their horrific cinephilia to grow, the children should leave the session amazed and cheerful, no doubt with the desire to (re) discover the comics in which the hero was born.

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