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Cinéma pour les enfants : Peau D’Ane et le monde enchanté de Jacques Demy

Share with your children the magical, enchanted and enchanting world of “Donkey skin”, a timeless adaptation of the tale of Charles Perrault by Jacques Demy, with Catherine Deneuve. The pop and magical world and its songs will delight young audiences.


Recommended from 6 years

Once upon a time : Once upon a time there was a dying queen: she made the king promise to marry only a woman more beautiful than her. In the whole kingdom, only one person can claim such beauty, his own daughter! Dressed in donkey skin, the desperate princess runs away from the family castle …

What they will love: Modern reading of the famous Charles Perrault tale, Donkey skin has everything to please the little ones (movie buffs): a princess, and the quest for her prince charming, castles, animals, in a magical atmosphere but also very 70s pop , with its colorful audacity (yes, in Jacques Demy’s film, the horses are red, and Klein’s blue invades the space!). In terms of audacity, there is also this helicopter which can land at any time, anachronisms my love!

It is this mixture of classicism and pop modernity that makes Peau d’âne a timeless classic, appealing to parents and children. The colorful costumes and the songs should certainly also find a strong echo. There is not only Let It Go who can furiously stay ahead after watching. We bet your children will want to relentlessly review the scene of the love cake ?! Ideal for singing and cooking at the same time during confinement!

What can worry them: VSCertain more adult aspects of this story will escape them, since – let us recall – there is a question of incest, implicitly, in Donkey Skin. We can also detect an echo of the Algerian war. A transgressive tale therefore by its multiple readings therefore, but children should not pay attention to these sub-texts, that we can be reassured.

What could perhaps worry them too, is the earthy character of “the old woman” who spits toads with her hair completely disheveled. But we bet that they should above all be amused by this character who appears relatively little in the film.

What they will keep deep inside: Donkey skin is above all a joyful and enchanting film, which makes you want to sing, to marvel. The film can be a gateway to other films by Jacques Demy, in particular Les Demoiselles de Rochefort or Les parapluies de Cherbourg for example. The opportunity to introduce them to the world of Catherine Deneuve. Little girls will also keep in their hearts llooking for prince charming of course.

Available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.

Check out the trailer for the movie “Donkey Skin”:

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