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While “Buzz Lightyear” is currently in theaters, a look back at four blockbusters which, like him, saw their LGBTQIA+ scenes cut during editing. It is the only feature film for which the sequence was reinstated following a controversy.

Buzz Lightning

Cinema 5 LGBT scenes cut by Hollywood studios Actus

Alisha Hawthorne

In the film currently in theaters, Buzz Lightning is back ! Not that of Toy Story, but the true and legendary Space Ranger who has since inspired the toy we all know. The film was however at the heart of a controversy around one of its characters. Indeed, Alisha Hawthorne, the commander of the Space Rangers unit, is in love with another woman and was supposed to kiss her on screen, as reported. variety.

Except that despite the insistence of the Pixar team, the distributor of the film, Disney, had the kissing sequence cut. Employees criticized this decision in a open letter denouncing the habit of the studio with big ears, and this for years, of cutting romances and gay references yet proposed by the creative team.

For the first time in his story, Disney had to backtrack and reintegrate the scene into the cinema version currently seen on screens. Pixar producer Galyn Susman welcomed the victory, commenting that the scene had “always part” feature film. As a result however, the film was banned in a number of country.

Alien: Covenant

Second opus of the prequel films to the Alien saga and following Prometheus, Alien: Covenant recounts the discovery by a crew of explorers of what they believe to be an untouched paradise. It is actually a dark and dangerous world, hiding a terrible threat. They will obviously try everything to escape.

The prologue of less than 5 minutes contained a scene of gay kissing but the sequence (visible below) was cut:

These kisses between Sergeant Tom Hallet and Security Chief Dan Lopé, which are part of this cut prologue, will therefore never be shown in theaters. A few months before the release, Twentieth Century Fox will certainly put this sequence online, but the fact is that it will not be shown on the big screen by decision of the studio.

Black Panther

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The Walt Disney Pictures

Okoye, Nakia and Ayo in Black Panther

In the comics Black Pantherthe Okoye characters (Danai Gurira) and Ayo (Florence Kasumba) are together. The movie of Ryan Coogler had to show their romance on the screen but ultimately, it will not. On the contrary, the choice is made to show Okoye in a relationship with a man, W’Kabi, T’Challa’s best friend, played by Daniel Kaluuya.

In an interview at Vanity Fairscreenwriter Joanna Robinson recounted the scene: “In a raw version of this scene from Black Panther, we could see (…) Okoye and (…) Ayo swaying in rhythm and in formation with the rest of their team. Okoye’s gaze flirted with Ayo not quite a while while the camera pans out. Ayo ends up saying, ‘You’re not bad’ and Okoye replies with a big smile, ‘I know'”.

Star Trek Without Limits

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Paramount Pictures

John Cho aka Sulu

John Chointerpreter of the character of Sulu aboard the USS Enterprise, entrusted to vulnerability in 2016, the year of release of Star Trek Without Limitsthat a gay kissing scene between her character and her husband had been removed by the studio:

“The scene takes place at the airport with our daughter. We were having a little kiss. I happen to be proud of this scene, because it was quite difficult. Obviously, I had just met the child and Doug [Jung, scénariste du film et jouant l’amoureux de Sulu] is not an actor. I just wanted it to sound properly intimate. We’re both straight and we had to have that intimate, loving moment that was hard to get ‘on the go’. So we had to indulge and the result was good, in my opinion.”

Without expanding on the reasons behind this cut, Cho points out that the scene was indeed deleted from the final cut. Sulu’s sexuality was never a focal point of the film, but it is hinted at in the feature, (finally) giving some substance to the character, which hadn’t been detailed much since the film’s reboot began. the saga.

Thor: Ragnarok

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The Walt Disney Pictures

Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson)

In 2017, when released Thor: Ragnarok, no one notices. However, behind the scenes, a very short sequence was cut, which showed that Valkyrie, powerful warrior of Asgard, was bisexual. Asked by The Independenthis interpreter Tessa Thompson states that his character in the film is, like in the comics, bisexual and prove it.

She recounts the scene deleted from the film but which she nevertheless shot, in which we saw a woman leaving the room of the fighter in an evocative way. Taika Waititidirector of the film, will come to his rescue in 2020 by confiding: “The [personnages] don’t belong to me, but with the actors, I think I really support what makes them comfortable, whether it’s natural choices or a path that their character can naturally go.”

Will we see more tangible references in Thor: Love and Thunder, for which Thompson and Waititi are back? See you in theaters on July 13!

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