Cinderella: this star of a great saga who should have played the heroine

The main role of “Cinderella”, broadcast this Thursday evening on M6, is held by the young Lily James. But did you know that the character should have been played by another actress, star of a cult saga on the big screen?

Broadcast this Thursday evening on M6, the feature film Cinderella features the young British actress Lily James in the lead role. But the latter was not the first choice of Disney studios who, for this legendary tale character in live version, were rather eyeing the side of … Hogwarts!

The role of Cinderella was indeed initially offered to Emma Watson. But the Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter saga declined the offer and had to wait until 2017, with Beauty and the Beast, to finally star in a Disney classic in live action.

Why did Emma Watson refuse to play Cinderella? Because this iconic character simply does not correspond enough to the values ​​that the actress wishes to convey. At the microphone of the Total Film website, the one who was appointed in 2014 as goodwill ambassador by UN Women spoke on the subject.

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“I had no idea that a Beauty and the Beast movie was brewing when I turned Cinderella down. But when I was offered to play Belle, I just felt that the character resonated much more with me than that of Cinderella”, declared the actress. “Belle is curious, compassionate, open-minded. If I can serve as a role model for others with a role, this is the kind of woman I want to play.”

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