Cinderella on Prime Video: what is this musical from the writer of Pitch Perfect?

Cinderella on Prime Video: what is this musical from the writer of Pitch Perfect?

Prime Video is now releasing Cinderella, an event film for fans of singer Camila Cabello, who plays a resolutely modern Latina princess. By the writer of Pitch Perfect.

What is it about?

Cinderella is a modern musical adaptation that takes a bold look at the story that children around the world grew up with. The ambitious heroine has very big dreams and with the help of her godmother the good fairy, she intends to make them come true.

In the enchanted and feminist kingdom of Cinderella

In 2012, Hit Girls created a surprise. A comedy on a capella singing that we owe to a certain Kay Cannon. Almost a decade later, she returns with a new music-rich film, which she is directing this time. It tackles the famous tale of Perrault, seen and re-examined in the cinema.

Cinderella on prime video
Cinderella on prime video

Latina singer Camila Cabello

To portray this modern-day heroine, the production has played the diversity card by turning to the Latina singer Camila Cabello. A choice that made some teeth cringe at the time but which allows the artist to represent a Latina princess on the screen.

She shows the full extent of her talent by performing well-known titles but also original songs, such as “Million To One” that Prime unveiled a few days ago. Just like Idina Menzel, a regular at musicals that we no longer present and who here plays the cantankerous mother-in-law.

To stand out, this Cinderella indeed allows itself touches of modernity. From the Prince (Nicholas Galitzine) who sings “Somebody to Love” by Queen to the inhabitants of the village who cover “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson, the choice of music should surprise and confuse more than one.

Minnie Driver, Pierce Brosnan, James Corden, and Billy Porter also give voice. The Pose star takes it one step further by slipping into the fairy godmother’s sequined outfits. A non-binary character, always in this spirit of modernity.

If Cinderella tells us the story of a princess, this rehabilitation is definitely feminist, with a heroine who tries to find her place in a man’s world. Passionate about sewing and design, her only dream is to leave her moldy cellar, visit the world and sell her creations. And it is not a prince charming who will stand in his way …

Prime Video’s film may in some ways make one think of Ella in Enchanted Land, another free re-adaptation of Perrault’s tale with Anne Hathaway, without assuming the same comedy tone … One thing is certain, it will most likely appeal to fans of the singer!

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