Cinderella on Disney +: 5 films on the famous princess to see on the platform

Cinderella on Disney +: 5 films on the famous princess to see on the platform

While the feature film “Forever, a Cinderella Story” has just arrived on Disney +, focus on the five films available on the platform which feature the cult princess.

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Made in 1950, Cinderella, inspired by the tale of Charles Perrault, is one of the most famous Disney animated films. The story of a servant who, after having received a visit from her fairy godmother and taking part in a reception given by the prince, will flee from her stepmother and lose a glass slipper in her escape. The prince who fell in love will try to find her thanks to this forgotten slipper, too small for an ordinary foot. A cult work full of magic which has enchanted young and old for almost seven decades and which has totaled nearly 13 million spectators in France.


The feature film Cinderella, a live-action version of the classic animated disney, is directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is the British actress Lily James who plays the main role, a time proposed to Emma Watson (who will finally play in the live version of Beauty and the Beast), while Cate Blanchett slips into the skin of the beautiful- mother. This Cinderella was a great success in theaters with more than 1.7 million spectators in France.


A modern adaptation of the famous Cinderella legend, the feature film Forever, A Cinderella Story stars Danielle (Drew Barrymore), who is not a victim and decides on her own to stay in the father’s home after the disappearance of his father, between his stepmother Rodmilla and his two sisters Marguerite and Jacqueline. This Cinderella is beautiful, free and above all eminently spiritual and cultivated. She will know how to seduce the future heir to the throne of France. In the role of the stepmother, we find Anjelica Huston, while the storyteller Grande Dame is played by a certain … Jeanne Moreau!


The animated film Cinderella 2: A princess’s life is three stories about Cinderella’s new life since her marriage to Prince Charming: her first days at the palace where she tries so hard to look good that she forgets some to be herself; Jack’s wish to become a human being; and how one of Cinderella’s sisters-in-law will learn to open up to others and find love …


The animated film The Curse of Cinderella is the story of Anastasia who steals the magic wand of the good fairy and gives it to her mother, who succeeds in obtaining the full powers of a witch. She then prepares a trick for Cinderella …

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