These 10 Churches In Wellington Are Nothing Less Than Architectural Wonders!

Wellington is the center of all administrative activities and political paparazzi and is considered one of the most populous urban areas in New Zealand, Busy with traffic. Now, if you’re not a fan of pollution and city lights, and identify yourself as an old soul, visit these Church in Wellington Which keep the rustic charm of the capital alive and will definitely mesmerize you with their beauty.

10 gorgeous churches in Wellington

Here are 10 Wellington churches that are worth “stop and stare” during your holidays in New Zealand. Add them all to your itinerary at once!

1. Old St. Paul

old st paul


Built in the late 19th century, Old St Paul’s Church is one of Wellington’s oldest churches and an icon of New Zealand’s heritage. The infamous Gothic Revival style of architecture makes it one of the most popular wedding venues in Wellington and a must-see. Who knows if you’re lucky you might see a couple exchange vows.

Place: Mulgrave Street, Wellington

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2. Futuna Chapel



Named after the Pacific island of Futuna, the chapel bears witness to many different architectural traditions. The Futuna Chapel was designed by John Scott during the latter half of the 20th century and was awarded the prestigious New Zealand Institute of Architects Gold Medal in 1968. For architects and designers, photographers or anyone mildly obsessed with symmetry and design, this building is the perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern innovation.

Place: Friend Street, Karori, Wellington

3. St. Mary’s of the Angels

St. Mary's of the Angels


Would you like to attend Sunday’s 11 a.m. mass? Can’t you stop your thoughts and want to confess? Or just looking for something #Instaworthy? The interior of St. Mary’s of the Angels Church is perfect for every mood. Built in the early 20th century, it is part of Wellington’s few churches considered to be places of outstanding historical and cultural significance.


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4. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral


Locally known as the Basilica, the Sacred Heart Cathedral aka the Cathedral of Wellington was closed on Friday 13 July 2018 following the threat of an earthquake. However, this does not dampen the spirit of the Roman Catholic community in Wellington, who regularly attend mass and celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception during the first week of the month of December. A life-size painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus dominates the interiors where the first Bishop of Wellington is buried.

Place: Hill Street, Wellington

5. St. Gerard’s Church and Monastery

St. Gerard's Church and Monastery


One of Wellington’s most iconic churches, St Gerard’s Church and Monastery, is located on the estate of James Edward FitzGerald, who is believed by some to be New Zealand’s first Prime Minister. Built in the early 20th century, this Gothic designed church was the first of its kind dedicated to Gerard Majella, considered a saint by the Catholic Church. A mass for public worship is held every Sunday at 10:30 am, after which the complex is free for exploration. The complex also houses the Institute for World Evangelization, which is used as a training and retreat center for Catholic evangelistic missionaries.

Place: 73-75 Hawker Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington

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6. St. John’s Church

St. John's Church


After the old church burned down in 1833, Thomas Turnbull designed this Gothic-style architectural wonder that stands as a pillar of New Zealand’s diverse cultural history. Famous as one of Wellington’s oldest churches, St John’s opened its doors to the public on 11 December 1885 and remains on every tourist map to this day.

Place: 166-176 Willis Street, Wellington

7. Christ Church

Christ Church


Christ Church is the oldest surviving church that tells the story of New Zealand’s history. Built in the late 19th century, this church’s Gothic Revival architecture was destroyed in 1989, but was soon restored using detailed photographs and architectural drawings. This makes it an interesting place to visit for art lovers and history buffs from all over the world who are always impressed by its refreshing architecture.

Place: Thursday, Wellington

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8. St. Barnabas Church

St. Barnabas Church


Joshua Charlesworth was the architect of this Anglican church, which suffered severe damage by fire in the early 1900s. With stained glass windows and a choir filling the air with tunes of Hallelujah, it definitely deserves a check on your must-see list. Don’t miss the Anglican architecture while visiting this little paradise.

Place: 15 Maida Vale Road, Roseneath, Wellington

9. Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul


Whether you’re in the central business district and want to take some time off or are simply wandering around Hill Street, you’ll surely come across this cathedral church, where the Bishop of Wellington resides. Shortly after the Hawke’s Bay earthquake of 1931, the cathedral was rebuilt using reinforced concrete and is now open for Sunday services to the people of Wellington, who have been so kind as to commemorate the last and final repose of those lost. Can extend your hand for help.

Place: Hill Street, Wellington

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10. St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph's Church


A recent addition to Wellington’s architectural beauty is St Joseph’s Church in the central city suburb of Mount Victoria. Built in the early 2000s, this modern Catholic church resembles a semi-amphitheatre, with octagonal foundations, with a capacity of about 300. The intricate brushwork that decorates church windows has a story of its own that is often symbolic and only open to interpretation when one stops and listens.

Place: Mount Victoria, Wellington

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Old soul or not, churches have been one of the coolest places to visit and while we understand it may not be a “must”, we definitely recommend taking the road less traveled and visiting these churches in Wellington. Let’s give! For customized packages and backpacks of memories, contact the experts at Daily Hind News for your holidays in New Zealand. And don’t forget to write to us about your wonderful vacation experience when you get back!

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