Chucky the series! The killer doll is back on Salto in 8 bloody episodes – News…

Finally available in France on Salto, the “Chucky” series, created by Don Mancini, the father of the franchise, mixes new teenage heroes and emblematic characters of the saga. For an enjoyable and bloody result more queer and meta than ever.

What is it about ?

When an old Chucky doll shows up at a neighborhood yard sale, a quiet little American town is thrown into chaos, and a series of horrific murders begin to uncover the secrets of the townspeople.

Chucky (8×45′), created by Don Mancini.

Available on Salto since April 1st

A funny and bloody serial sequel

The most famous killer doll is back. After seven feature films and a reboot released in cinemas in 2019, the horror franchise imagined in the late 80s by Don Mancini returns for the first time in the form of a TV series.

Soberly titled Chucky, this reboot-like sequel, which follows on from the events of Return of Chucky, transports us to the small town of Hackensack, where 14-year-old Jake (Zackary Arthur) sees his life rock the day he buys a vintage doll at a garage sale in order to carry out an artistic project.

Very quickly, the teenager discovers that the doll in question, which starts talking to him, is possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. And as a wave of strange happenings and murders begin to disrupt the peaceful daily life of the people of Hackensack, Jake becomes the prime suspect for the police and his classmates. And must choose between taking revenge on those who hurt him, targeted one by one by Chucky, or saving them from the actions of the killer doll.

Chucky the series! The killer doll is back on salto in 8 bloody episodes - news...
Steve Wilkie/SYFY

Far from the slasher side of its beginnings, the horror franchise reinvents itself once again with this series, funnier, queer, and meta than ever, which transports us to a rather well seen teenage universe, where themes such as school bullying or sexuality are dealt with frontally and sharply. Because Jake is openly gay and has to deal with the not always tender gaze of other teenagers, but also of his own family, who struggle to understand him, from his violent father to his horrible cousin Junior.

In addition to offering deaths that are still just as bloody and enjoyable, the series led by Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, and Alyvia Alyn Lind, all three of whom stand out as beautiful revelations, has the good idea of ​​making Chucky a killer doll “tolerant” and open, who becomes an LGBTQ+ ally for Jake (the doll explains that she has a queer child herself) and will try to help and protect him… in her own way.

As for fans of the franchise initiated with Child’s Play in 1988, they will be delighted to find the iconic voice of Brad Dourif, who once again brings the doll to life, but also many emblematic characters from the saga.

Like Andy (Alex Vincent), the first owner of Chucky in the feature films written by Mancini, his sister Kyle (Christine Elise), Nica (Fiona Dourif), heroine of the opuses The Curse of Chucky and The Return of Chucky, and of course Tiffany (great Jennifer Tilly), without whom the saga wouldn’t really be the same.

Surprising and enjoyable to the end, Chucky is one of the good surprises of recent months on American television. And strong of its success on Syfy and USA Network, it is already guaranteed to return soon for a season 2. Because the bloody doll never dies.

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