Christmas on all floors: who is Leslie Medina, the interpreter of Violette in the TV movie of …

In the TF1 TV movie “Christmas on all floors”, with Lannick Gautry and Jarry, Leslie Medina plays Violette, a lonely artist. And her face is certainly not unknown to you since she also starred in “Balthazar” and “The Promise”.

After The Last Party, By Your Side, or Stolen Service, all driven by strong and moving subjects, TF1 ends its fiction year in style, before the holidays, with the new TV movie Christmas on all floors, which will be shown this Monday evening. at 9:05 p.m.

Directed and co-written by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, to whom we owe the feature films Les Jolies things and Dark Places in particular, this romantic comedy in the vein of Love Actually tells the crossed destinies of the inhabitants of a Parisian building during the day. Christmas, between budding romances, heartaches, and daily pitfalls. All with a hint of magic, of course.

And if viewers of TF1 and the Salto platform, which already offers Christmas on all floors in preview, will easily recognize Max Boublil, Jarry, Marie-Anne Chazel, Lannick Gautry (Le Tueur du lac), or Tchéky Karyo , they could well be interested in the course of Leslie Medina, an actress whose performance all in emotion and the sensitive character stand out.

In TF1’s Christmas TV movie, Leslie Medina plays Violette, an artist in a wheelchair who lacks self-confidence and does not dare to reach out to others. Preferring to spend his days observing his neighbors and drawing them from his apartment window.

But the magic of December 24, as well as a little help from a friend and a dating app, could well bring her the most beautiful gift under the tree: love. On one condition: that she is not afraid to dream big and keep her head in the stars. Because his “match”, Thomas (Lannick Gautry), is none other than an astronaut on a mission in the International Space Station.

Christmas on all floors: who is leslie medina, the interpreter of violette in the tv movie of...
Julien Cauvin / Beaubourg Stories / TF1

Revealed in 2014 by the telefilm Un si jolie mensonge with Corinne Touzet, Leslie Medina then appeared in the cinema in Camping 3, in the role of the daughter of Gérard Jugnot’s character, and in the comedy My Chick, with Isabelle Nanty, Pierre-François Martin-Laval, and Thomas Solivéres.

But it is especially on television that she gradually multiplies the roles since she plays in 2015 in the mini-series Une chance de trop, in season 2 of Chefs the following year, and in 2018 in the comedy. of OCS Mike, carried by Max Boublil that she therefore meets again in Christmas on all floors.

Christmas on all floors: who is leslie medina, the interpreter of violette in the tv movie of...

However, it was not until 2019 and the second season of Balthazar on TF1 that the interpreter of Violette in Christmas on all floors inherits her first real outstanding role, namely that of Maya, the girlfriend of the lawyer played by Tomer Sisley , which takes on even more importance in season 3.

More recently seen in The Promise, on the front page always, in the role of the investigator’s sister played by Sofia Essaïdi, Leslie Medina is also a singer. Author, composer, and performer, she released two singles this year, “Encore Happy” (in the clip which features Maxence Danet-Fauvel from Skam France) and “Venice”. While waiting for his first EP, “Mon courage”, which should be available in January.

A start to the year 2022 which will therefore be musical for Leslie Medina, but not only since fans of Balthazar will also be able to find her in season 4 of Balthazar, which will see Constance Labbé form a new duet with Tomer Sisley after the departure of Hélène from Fougerolles. A new season of which we were able to see the first two episodes at the La Rochelle Festival and in which Maya still plays an important role, despite the end of the previous batch.

Discover the clip of Encore Happy, the first single from Leslie Medina:

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