Chris Pratt accidentally deleted 51,000 emails

Actor Chris Pratt looks confused and shrugs his camera into a radio heater

Actor Chris Pratt shared the moment he accidentally deleted the entire inbox.

The Marvel star started sorting her inbox after telling fans that her son Jack had made fun of him for 35,000 unread messages.

Unfortunately, Pratt pressed the wrong button and was forced to watch 51,000 emails being deleted.

Pratt shared the moment on Instagram and fans were quick to make fun of the accident.

“Yesterday my son was playing on my phone and he was breathless looking at the number of unread emails I have. It’s a lot,” said Pratt.

“I’m one of those idiots who will take an IQ test and say” Do you want to take an IQ test? Give me your email. “And then I do, which shows that my IQ is around seven, I only get trash from everyone and I don’t delete it.”

The Guardian of the Galaxy actor claimed that his new goal during his time off from work because of Covid-19 would be to read 1,000 emails a day.

He also promised to answer everyone.

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However, his well-meaning plan failed when he inexplicably erased every single message he had ever received.

“Fifty thousand messages are in the trash,” said Pratt, adding an explosion as he turned the camera to show that the number of emails in his trash was slowly decreasing, apparently gone forever.

“What did I do? They are just deleting them all. All my email. Oh my God. It could be a real nightmare,” he added.

Fans quickly reached social media to shed light on the incident.

Many have noted similarities between Pratt’s mistake and his clumsy character Andy Dwyer from the American sitcom Parks and Recreation.

“Convinced Chris Pratt wasn’t acting when he played Andy Dwyer,” joked a fan.

Pratt ended his video with a shrug, saying only “New start”.

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