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The new RFEF communication team thought it was a good idea to exploit the specific fame of a tiktoker minor to associate it with the image of the National Team, a daring move to say the least, coming from where the institution has come from in recent months. The boy calls himself Chiqui Ibai, he has suffered various episodes of bullying and has just acquired a certain popularity on the networks thanks to the support of some streamers consecrated Among them is Ibai Llanos, from whom Chiqui receives half of his alias thanks to an alleged resemblance with a physical defect: he is a child with an obvious overweight problem.

“Dale Chiqui Ibai!!”, encourages that first link shared by those responsible for communications at the RFEF, which is a compendium of everything that one would never expect to find in the official account of the National Team, starting with a certain disdain towards the most basic spelling. The message is accompanied by a video in which Chiqui dances as if he too had lost the comma of the vocative along the way. In his way it’s funny, I guess. But what is it that we find so funny? Perhaps it is one of the questions that any responsible adult should try to answer honestly before putting a defenseless child in front of a camera. Starting with the parents, of course, and continuing with those responsible for a sports federation forced to understand the need to send the correct messages to society.

Anyone would understand that there is no major problem in inviting the boy to meet the stars of the National Team. But it is not about that, but rather about seeking any type of return in its use. We know the obsession of certain departments with broadening the bases and attracting that lost generation that, experts say, is not capable of maintaining attention during the ninety minutes of a football match. We could even accept the idea of ​​compensating the boy for the harassment suffered in the past, although without losing sight of the fact that massive attention on social networks does not seem to be the best way to prevent repetition in the future. It is enough to take a look at the responses received in both publications to realize the swampy terrain that the boy will have to manage as soon as the spotlights of his unexpected fame go out.

There is also the possibility that Chiqui Ibai will consolidate as streamerWhat do I know? That he is capable of creating content beyond a childish imitation and generates so much income that he ends up accepting what he suffered. Or that he becomes a new Miquel Montoro, that Mallorcan boy whom the ACB used quite successfully in a campaign against the bullying. But there is also the risk of your projection following the trend, the most common path in a world as changing and capricious as the Internet: if all that matters about you is what you share on a Tik Tok account, self-esteem problems will soon appear. . To them, in some way, will have contributed an RFEF that does not seem to have enough with trying to break some of its best toys, as has happened in the case of the recent world champions, but now seems willing to enter fully into the manufacturing, direct or indirect, of new broken toys.

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