China to launch moon probe, seeking first lunar rock retrieval since 1970s

It is the tip of a probe, Chang’e-5, the deity of the moon are named after ancient Chinese, in prayer, and inquire into the matter, which scientists can help to understand the origin of the formation, and out of that of the Moon. Now the mission of the examples of China’s test in terms of space, at a distance, and before all the acquired the faculty of the majority of the missions.

If successful, the mission will make China the third country has not recovered lunar models, following the United States and the Soviet Union decades ago.

Soviet Union, when the crash land on the Moon 2 moon in 1959, the first person to arrive at an object on another heavenly body, including a handful of other countries and India and Japan launched moon missions.

In the Apollo program and placed men on the moon, the earth, 12 astronauts in flight from the United States for six 1969 to 1972, bringing back the 382 kg (842 pounds) of soil and rocks.

The Soviet Union deployed three successful robotic missions in the 1970s, income sample. Last, Moon, 24, retrieved 170.1 grams (6 ounces) in 1976 with models from Sea Limb, or “Sea of ​​Crises”.

The Long March-5 rocket, with China & # 39; Chang's new lunar probe, the tip & # 39; above Ve, it seemed, on November 17 Launch out into the Space Center launch pad in the Wenchang of Hainan, China.

China’s abandoning a probe, scheduled to launch in the coming days trying to pick 2 kg (4 pounds 1/2) in a sample size from being able to pass the floor to wash the Sea of ​​fertility, or “out of the ocean.”

“The Apollo moon moon sample zone, while critical to understanding has been undertaken in the area, which are much less than half the lunar surface,” said James Head, a planetary scientist at Brown University.

Orbital subsequent data from remote sensing missions and several rock shown the variety of species and ages at which mineralogiam represented the Moon, Apollo sample collections, he said.

“Scientists have been advocating Monday ideal income for robotic missions to the many different areas, in order to address a critical exploration of the host at a more fundamental questions remain that,” Head said.

The Chang’e-5 mission to help answer questions, such as how long to stay volcanically active moon in their time indoors, and relatives – a key to protecting life in some form of sun radiation – dissipated.


Once on the moon, the probe into the aim to deploy a pair of vehicles to the surface lander to drill into the ground, then transfer to the earth and rock with up to lighten the dock with the orbiting module.

If desired, in order to pay back with a box models will be transferred to countries.

China is a the fleeting moon has water only in the part it touches the grand total, to report to the state of the middle of the
2013. In the first lunar landing in China in January 2019, 4 to seize the Chang’e probe touched down on the far side of the moon, the first space probe to every nation.

In the next decade, China plans to establish a base station robotic massage to conduct unmanned exploration to the south of the country.

It is to be developed by the Chang’e-7 and 6 to 8 missions in 2020 and perfected by 2030 ahead of manned landings.

China thinks back samples from Mars by 2030.

In July, China launched the unmanned probe causing another planet Mars is the first independent mission.

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