China says US has ‘created enough troubles for the world’ as UN spat continues

China says US has ‘created enough troubles for the world’ as UN spat continues

US Representative criticized the United Nations, Craft song is that in China, said it was a “plan to hide the origin of the virus, minimize the risks and to suppress scientific cooperation.” Beijing’s trade claimed actions’ room was transformed into a global epidemic pandemic. “

Jun Zhang, certainly, that such men as Craft’s China’s rapidly should become a castaway.

“It is right to say enough is enough. You have created the world has enough snacks,” Zhang said.

“Unfortunately, once again, what we have heard so much noise coming from the US to mount the atmosphere in the community.”

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Zhang added that Beijing as the “foundation” accusations.

And after he spat comes two days US President Donald Trump used a lot of pre-recorded video address to the General Assembly to blame China for the 19-Covid pandemic and withholding information about her husband.

On Tuesday, Trump accused Beijing of “allowing leave China flights to and infect the world” and referred Covid 19, the ‘man of China on Tuesday.

On Thursday, US Zhang said that only itself to blame. Since January, more than 6 million US coronavirus was diagnosed cases among their population and lives lost to the disease affects more than 200,000.

The Russian representative at the session Thursday, Craft accusations of the prosecutor.

“We regret the fact that the representative of the United States chose the meeting of the Security Council of our time, the false accusation that one of the members of the Security Council,” said Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia.

19 this year, which was a huge Covid serious when held up to the summit where he was forced out online pandemic and a 14-day quarantine law in New York City.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres each unit has an advantageous repeatedly warned member states in which the relationship between China and the US Thursday it was moving “in the direction pulled up with the highest risk.”

Security Council meeting on Thursday held power.

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