Child loses arm and mother injured in Egypt shark attack

The Ukrainian tourists are attacked by a shark while swimming in the Ras Mohammed National Reserve on Sunday, Ukrainian state’s tourism development agency said in a statement.

SHARM International tourists are rushed to the hospital for treatment, and the mother’s deep bite wounds, when the boy was cut wounds on his upper back deep below the elbow and suffered for it, he said, citing the Ukrainian ambassadors to Egypt.

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The alll suspended activities in the vicinity of the attack Sharm El-Sheikh Ras Mohammed diving spot, Egypt’s state-run news agency Al-Abram Tuesday.

The five people, including a Ukrainian and two passengers along the guide, were injured in the attack, according to Al-Abram.

Oceanic Whitetip was in elementary school, carrots, two meters in length, Al-Abram reported, citing a group formed a business developer minister country to investigate the attack.

The group said that in the underwater video shot into space to assault shark’s “other persons designated by the character” Al-Abram reported.

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