Chicago Fire: one of the main actors leaves the series after 10 seasons

After 10 seasons, “Chicago Fire” has just lost one of its stars. Jesse Spencer said goodbye to the series during the 200th episode aired last night on NBC, during which Casey, his character, left to live far from Chicago.

Chicago fire: one of the main actors leaves the series after 10 seasons

After Blacklist, The Resident or Billions, which were recently marked by the departure of one of their main actors, it’s Chicago Fire’s turn to say goodbye to one of its iconic stars.

The 200th episode of the series created by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, broadcast last night in the United States on NBC, indeed featured the departure of Matthew Casey, the firefighter of Station 51 played by Jesse Spencer from the pilot, released in 2012.

Jesse Spencer, well known to Dr House fans as well, was one of the last six original cast members, with Taylor Kinney, David Eigenberg, Eamonn Walker, Christian Stolte and Joe Minoso still appearing in the series credits after 10 seasons.

During this pivotal episode of Chicago Fire – the 5th of season 10 – Casey announced to his colleagues that he was moving to Oregon to take care of the sons of Andy Darden, his missing friend. . Thus allowing the writers to complete the plot of Matt Casey by making a nice nod to the first season of the series.

Asked by the US media about the circumstances of his departure, Jesse Spencer said he needed to take time for himself and take a break, after 18 years on the small screen, between the eight seasons of Dr. House and the top ten of Chicago Fire.

“I realized that I had been on TV for a very long time. I did the math, and I think this is my 18th year in a network series”, explained the comedian during a press conference reported by TVLine. “I called our showrunner and told him it was time for me to go. And he came to the conclusion that it would be good to take Casey at least until the 200th episode.”.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make because I’ve loved this series from the start, but there are other things I want to accomplish in the future. I want to be able to take care of my family. . And 18 years is a very long time “, ended up concluding Jesse Spencer, who therefore bids farewell to Chicago Fire at the start of season 10.

Chicago fire: one of the main actors leaves the series after 10 seasons
Adrian Burrows / NBC

And if showrunner Derek Haas admits to being relieved to see Jesse Spencer agree to participate in the first 5 episodes of season 10 in order to properly complete the narrative arch of Casey (“I was happy that he gave us 5 more episodes, rather than telling us at the end of the previous season” I’m leaving “, as sometimes happens”), he hopes that fans will one day witness the return of the character, for a cameo or more.

“Casey signed up for three years [auprès des Darden], but hopefully we’ll see him again before this period is over “, says Derek Haas. A return that does not seem impossible according to Jesse Spencer himself, who explains that he has not yet planned to move to Los Angeles, and therefore remains very close to the film sets of the series. Where the long distance relationship between Casey and Brett (Kara Killmer) will continue to be told.

“The possibility that I will return to the show someday exists. I still live in Chicago. I have no plans to flee to Los Angeles, although I may escape a bit during the winter (laughs). ). My life is here, with my wife. I’m sticking around. But I’m leaving the show, for now anyway. “.

In France, Chicago Fire Season 9 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on 13th Street, while CStar currently airs Season 8 every Sunday night.

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