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Entrusted to the director of “Paddington” and scheduled for March 2023 in the United States, the prequel to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on the youth of Willy Wonka is advancing, and two candidates would emerge for the role: Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet.

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The return of Willy Wonka on the big screen is finally clear! In the pipes for a few years now, the prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has now taken a big step towards its realization: entrusted to Paul King, talented director of Paddington’s first two opus, the feature film is now scheduled for the 17th March 2023 in the United States. The pre-production phase should therefore accelerate and Warner will now have to find the one who will succeed Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp in the role of the eccentric chocolatier.

If Ryan Gosling, Ezra Miller, or Donald Glover has been mentioned for a while, Collider announces today that two new candidates would be in pole position: Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet, who were already opposed when Marvel was looking for its new Spider-Man in 2015. At the time, the Briton had won over the American , but the latter may be able to take his revenge thanks to Wonka. And it’s a safe bet that they will find themselves competing again on a handful of big projects in the future, like Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio in the thick of the 90s.

Despite close ages (they will be 25 and 26 respectively this year), and the fact that Hollywood is tearing them off, the two actors do not however have quite the same profile. And they each refer to distinct adaptations of the Roald Dahl classic: with his constant energy, Tom Holland recalls the facetious side of Gene Wilder, interpreter of Willy Wonka in 1971, while Timothée Chalamet is closer to Johnny Depp, hero of the film signed Tim Burton in 2005. Is the idea to link the prequel to one of these feature films, or to go in another direction? Answer, at the latest, in March 2023, with this opus produced by David Heyman, to whom we owe in particular Paddington and the Harry Potter, and which will look back on the character’s young years.

Did you notice the hidden details of Tim Burton’s version?

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