Chaos Walking on Prime Video: if you liked the film with Tom Holland, you will like …

Chaos walking on prime video: if you liked the film with tom holland, you will like...

Available on Prime Video, the post-apocalyptic Chaos Walking reunites Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley in an adaptation by Doug Liman. If you liked this feature film, here are three more that you might like on the platform!

Private cinema release, Chaos Walking arrived this Tuesday, August 24 on the Prime Video platform. Notice to viewers who enjoyed this post-apocalyptic film starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley: we recommend three other feature films that you might enjoy on the platform.


If we know him for his action films like Memory in the Skin and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or the blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise, director Doug Liman first tried the science fiction genre in 2008 with the feature film Jumper.

In this adaptation of Steven Gould’s novel, Hayden Christensen plays a young man capable of teleporting wherever he wishes. Only his gift will quickly put him in danger… The actor gives the reply to his co-star of the Star Wars franchise, Samuel L. Jackson, as well as to Rachel Bilson (Newport Beach) or Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) . Prepare to travel past Jumper, available on Prime Video.


For several years, literature for young adults has inspired many successful film sagas. Among them, the Labyrinth trilogy, adapted from the novels of James Dashner, which follows the story of the courageous Thomas and his friends locked in a huge labyrinth at the beginning of their adventure.

If the first opus takes place almost entirely within the confines of this enigmatic setting, the hero played by Dylan O’Brien and his comrades discover a devastated and desert outside world in The Labyrinth: The Scorched Earth. It is this desolate landscape that they will have to cross in search of information on the mysterious organization called WICKED.

On the poster of this post-apocalyptic film, we also find Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Ki Hong Lee and Rosa Salazar. The first two parts of the Labyrinth saga are available on Prime Video.


In 2017, French director David Moreau got down to adapting a successful comic book by Fabien Vehlmann and Bruno Gazzotti to the big screen. In Seul, he brings together the young talents Sofia Lesaffre (Earth and blood), Paul Scarfoglio (SKAM France), Stéphane Bak (Farewell to the night), Kim Lockhart and Jean-Stan du Pac to embody the heroes of this amazing story.

One fine morning, these teenagers wake up and discover that they are quite simply… alone, the rest of the population having disappeared in an unexplained way. Together, they will have to learn to survive, left to fend for themselves in this hostile world. Follow their wanderings in Alone, on Prime Video.

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