César Wagner on France 2: “Kissing someone is a horror for him” tells us …

AlloCiné met Gil Alma, as part of the Monte Carlo Television Festival held last June. The actor, always ready to make his audience laugh, confided in his character of César Wagner.

AlloCiné: César Wagner met with great success on France 2, did that surprise you or are detective series so popular in France that they are rather safe projects.

Gil Alma: I was surprised anyway because we started with 4.5 million viewers, which is a very good score. It allowed us to do two more episodes. And then we went up to 5.5 million. People seem to be happy. So I was really very happy and surprised. And the detective series? Yes, it is true that it works. Afterwards, I think we have to find other things because we have seen so many detective series, that we have to dust off a bit. I have the impression that the hypochondriac side, funny in spite of himself, nice guy, has found its place. We also really need to find surveys. There are thousands and there will surely be thousands more.

You have already shot the next two episodes of César Wagner. What can we expect from these new episodes and the evolution of your character in relation to his hypochondria?

I think it will get better and better. We work hand in hand with the production, the authors, the team. We added, I believe, comedy, but always remaining in the sincerity. We added emotion. We added a little privacy, a little link with the different characters. And that people like a lot too. So I think the next two episodes will be even better than the first. We learn from what we can improve.

The fans are also waiting for something: a little spark between him and the lawyer played by Olivia Côte?

A little cock, is that what you’re talking about? And well it will be very complicated for our friend César Wagner. And yes, because the simple act of kissing someone is a horror because there is miasma. Already, just the microphone, I hope you cleaned it up. Caesar could not have taken it !. So that is complicated for him. I think that’s the drama of his life. He’s all alone, that poor little boy.

Why not also a love triangle with the character of Amaury de Crayencour?

This is also what becomes interesting. We are in the era of time. On the one hand there is Doctor Beaumont who is played by Olivia Côte. There is an attraction. We discovered that from the first episode. But there is also another doctor who is played by Amaury de Crayencour. And indeed, there may be eel under the rock. We do not know. Even Caesar, I don’t think he really knows what to do with. It would be funny. Or we don’t know, we’ll see, we’re in discussion with the channel.

César wagner on france 2: "kissing someone is a horror for him" tells us...
Benoit Linder / FTV / Incognita

Precisely, after Amaury who played in Our Dear Neighbors with you, can we expect other guests in season 2?

Ah yes, we have very heavy things coming from the guest side. We had Soufiane Guerrab. I can quote you Caterina Murino, who is in the fourth or fifth. A James Bond Girl, and more than that of course. There is also Louis-Do de Lencquesaing. I’m sorry for all the comedians who come and who are extraordinary, but we have a very, very, very beautiful cast.

How did the filming go during the COVID period?

No case of covid, we were careful, we were serious, we took the temperature on the forehead every morning.

How did your collaboration with director Antoine Garceau go? There was perhaps a question at one point that he would not do the rest of the César Wagner episodes to take a little break … did that happen?

Antoine, it’s an extraordinary meeting. A great guy. Humanly also we found each other, I think that’s the most important thing. I don’t know what to say more … I love you, I love you Antoine. And he didn’t do the other two because he was on another project. The adaptation of Elementary Particles by Houellebecq, which will also be released on France Télé, I believe. He was on another project, so he apologizes.

Do you have other upcoming projects?

There is Parallèles on Disney +, which will be released I think before the end of the year. Disney + ‘s first European series, so big release. I think it’s going to make a lot of noise. It’s a very nice, family-friendly science fiction series. That’s all that characterizes Disney. It’s done by two great directors and it’s going to be good. And we are in post-sync there.

France 2 is broadcasting the 5th episode of César Wagner this evening.

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