César: there will be more parity … and always Roman Polanski – Cinema News

César: there will be more parity … and always Roman Polanski – Cinema News

Following the collective resignation of the association organizing the César, a reorganization took place, in particular to tend towards parity. The list of his new composition has been unveiled, with Roman Polanski among the renewed members.


Small reminder of the facts: before the César 2020 ceremony, very eventful with the award for Roman Polanski and the departure of Adèle Haenel, the association organizing the César (the Association for the promotion of cinema) had itself been shaken by highlighting dysfunctions via forums (by the SRF, then a collective of hundreds of personalities).

This turmoil had caused the resignation of Alain Terzian, its president, as well as its board of directors. A president -Margaret Menegoz- was then appointed by interim, and a vast project of reforms and renewal, in particular to go towards parity, more diversity and representativeness, and more transparency on its functioning, was announced.

Delayed due to confinement (an extraordinary General Assembly was initially due to take place in April), the reshuffle did indeed take place this summer, with the election of new representatives. This list, accessible here (who has leaked on Twitter), is made up of 182 movie personalities, and takes into account announcements made about parity. Its statutes were reformed last July and are accessible here.

If parity is now (almost) respected (81 women and 101 men), the composition of the list conceals some surprises since we find in particular the name of Roman Polanski, among the historical members. The Association for the Promotion of Cinema has in fact decided, in its statutes, to renew (on written request from them) the historical members, in this case the members who have received an Oscar.

(Extract from the statutes of the Association for the promotion of cinema, article 6: “Created at the initiative of Georges Cravenne, the Association is made up of: French cinema professionals who have obtained the American Oscar awarded annually since 1928 by” the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES ”, former Presidents of the Association, and French cinema professionals already members of the Association on July 9, 2020, having requested in writing before July 31, 2020 to remain a member from the Association”).

Recall that at the same time, the Oscars proceeded to the total exclusion of several personalities, including Roman Polanski. A decision confirmed this summer when the director of J’Accuse had taken legal action to oppose it.

Update, with reaction from Andréa Bescond, director of Les Chatouilles, following the publication of this list:

“@academiedescesar, we ask that only those present at the votes be nominated. You want a revival, the historic members don’t have to stay in this new energy. It’s a masquerade that we cannot participate in. Thank you for react, to change these old statutes, otherwise, it will be without us. “

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