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A year after a ceremony that will have caused much ink to flow, Antoine de Caunes and Marina Foïs return to the edition of the César 2021. Straightforward, de Caunes confides that he would not have liked to be in the place of the mistress ceremony 2021.

César: antoine de caunes would not have wanted to be in the place of marina foïs - actus ciné

I would not have liked to be in the place of Marina Foïs last year“. That is what is said! Antoine de Caunes, who is about to present the Cesar ceremony for the 10th time, shared some secrets about the 2021 edition.

César 2021: the highlights of the 46th ceremony with Marina Foïs, Valérie Lemercier, Corinne Masiero…

Very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​taking over the controls of this edition, Antoine de Caunes nevertheless did not hesitate to be very direct about his impressions of the 2021 edition.The conditions were so terrible. It was freezing. It was really difficult to build something around it. All this was badly perceived by a country which was itself in pain.”

I found that Corinne Masiero pushed the cork so far that it became interesting from an artistic point of view

Antoine de Caunes also indicated that he “didn’t want another Masiero“.”If we can avoid this register, we will avoid it. But we must not forget that even if we try to anticipate what will happen on stage, we are live: if people decide to change what they had to say, nothing can be prevented. That’s also part of the fun of exercise“.

About the “sequence” Masiero, much commented on last year, he develops: “It was a happening, it was not expected that she would undress and do the show on stage. As a spectator, I found that she pushed the cork so far that it became interesting from an artistic point of view.“.

Antoine de Caunes underlines the fact that the ceremony must both please the public in the room but also the viewers at home in front of the TV. Objective : “offer an evening which, even if it is criticized every year because we cannot please everyone, is as warm as possible”. “If we give awards to deserving peoplehe says, we also do a television show for viewers on the other side of the screen who expect there to be rhythm, that it rocks a little and that it doesn’t last forever.”

Marina Foïs, on the poster for They are alive, released this Wednesday, also spoke on the 2021 edition of the Césars. “I think there’s a lot to sayshe summarizes with Telerama. Jthink that there were very successful things and surely missed things. The real difficulty of the exercise is to do 4 hours of live TV. It’s very long so it’s very dangerous as an exercise. Inevitably, there are soft bellies, lengths and then also failures. Me there are things that I really liked, full, different.

I liked the contrasts. There are things that people didn’t like, which were our intentions, in particular the social, cultural mix. If we look at the cast of the evening, there are very different people who represent this French cinema which is so rich and so mixed. Building this ceremony, the 3 months we spent doing it, really interested me. I had a lot of fun doing it. It was super hard because it was Covid this year; we didn’t know if there would be people in the room. It was very dangerous. there were fewer films, with less high profile. The year before was not easy either. But I was interested. I liked it.”

She entrusts everything, “the good things like the failures” : “J‘assume the things well as the failures. (…) The work was fascinating and I would like to do it again. (…) I accepted the light that was put on me, the extraordinary dress that Nicolas Ghesquière had made especially for me, the money that I earned very well for this presentation, the enthusiasm of some and reviews from others. (…) You can’t live off your notoriety and want to receive only flowers“, she says in the JDD published last Sunday.

Marina Foïs nevertheless specifies that she will not be going to the Césars this year. “When you have nothing to gain, you might as well watch the thing on TV!“, she says, without hiding that she was upset not to be nominated for La Fracture. “At first I was happy for this film, which deals with important societal issues, then I was upset that people were thinking of others and not of me, and then I chose to give a damn!” And to add: “There are more important omissions: why is Marion Cotillard not named for Annette?“.

The Cesar ceremony will be broadcast unencrypted and live from the Olympia, Friday February 25 on Canal+, from 9 p.m.

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