César 2021: the Révélations clip celebrates youth and celebration

As every year, the Académie des César highlights its Revelations through a clip, the staging of which has been entrusted this year to Yolande Zauberman. The film, to the tune of Carte de séjour (Rachid Taha), celebrates celebration and youth.

Cesar 2021 the Revelations clip celebrates youth and celebration
Caesar Academy 2021

The dance, the party, the joy of getting together … The clip of the Revelations is clearly inspired by the period in its staging which was entrusted this year to Yolande Zauberman, César of the documentary 2020 with M. The filmmaker has gathered the young people nominated for this shoot, “in compliance with health instructions “, specifies the Academy of Caesar, at the Trianon and at the Institut du Monde Arabe, at the beginning of January.

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The film is based on a clip from Carte de séjour (Rachid Taha’s group), produced at the time by Cyril Collard. Extracts from this clip are projected in the background, and the festive title Douce France accompanies the dance of the actors pre-nominated this year. To discover in full here :

Note that several of the actors pre-nominated and appearing in the clip will ultimately not be eligible for the César this year, the release of their film having been postponed until 2021. This concerns Noée Abita (Slalom), Abdel Bendaher (Ibrahim) and Pauline Parigot (Brothers in arms).

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Given the health situation, the Evening of Revelations will this year take the form of a recording broadcast online Friday February 5, at 6 p.m., on the Academy’s social networks, accompanied by a series of video clips around each Revelation.

This meeting will bring together, at the Trianon, with the greatest respect for health instructions, Véronique Cayla, President of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, Éric Toledano, Vice-President of the Academy, Elisabeth Tanner, Secretary General of the Academy, Yolande Zauberman, and, in small groups, the Revelations 2021 accompanied by their godmothers and sponsors.

The Caesar ceremony is scheduled for March 12, 2021. Nominations will be announced on February 9.