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Among the nominations for the César 2021, we have noticed some surprising absences. No Juliette Binoche, no Isabelle Huppert, nor Catherine Deneuve for example. What inspired a funny video in Juliette Binoche!

César 2021: absent from the nominations, juliette binoche shares a funny video - archyworldys

As every year, the revelation of 2021 Caesar nominations brought its share of surprises and absentees that some regret. Much relied on an appointment, for example, by Isabelle Huppert, who offered a funny and wacky composition in La Daronne by Jean-Paul Salomé. The filmmaker is also moved on social networks. “Our scenario of #LaDaronne, without Huppert he does not exist, it’s nothing, a simple piece of paper …“, he wrote hot on his Twitter account.

We could also have imagined nominations for Marta Nieto in Madre, or Corinne Masiero and Blanche Gardin for Erase History. His co-director shared his bitterness about this on social networks. “Apparently we’re just nominated for “Best Screenplay”. Definitely, we really don’t have Caesars’ heads“, writes Gustave Kervern.

If the essential Virginie Efira is present among the actresses named (for Adieu les cons), the other nominations give pride of place to renewal (Laure Calamy in Antoinette in the Cévennes, the actresses of Deux, Martine Chevallier and Barbara Sukowa) and to the new generation (Camelia Jordana).

No Isabelle Huppert therefore, no Adèle Haenel (who could have competed with The Heroes never die), no Catherine Deneuve (showing in 2020 of the comedy Terrible jungle) and no Juliette Binoche, who played she also has the comedy card in The Good Wife, a film for which her partners Noémie Lvovsky and Yolande Moreau are both named in supporting role.

Juliette Binoche, no doubt surprised by this oversight, split a humorous video to emphasize the character “weird“of his lack of nomination, and that of the director of the film Martin Provost …

Since Rendez-vous d’André Téchiné in 1986, Juliette Binoche has been nominated 10 times for the César. His last nomination dates back to 2018, for Un beau soleil interior by Claire Denis. The actress won the award once, for the film Three Colors: Blue by Krzysztof Kieślowski, in 1994.

After the noticed Séraphine with Yolande Moreau, director Martin Provost returned with La Bonne Wife, a dramatic comedy in which blows a wind of freedom, fantasy, and modernity with its feminist theme. A film which is inspired by real facts, the schools of good wives, and its “household education” having really existed. The film was released just before the first confinement and still had a successful theatrical career, bringing together more than 600,000 spectators.

The Good Wife: meeting with Juliette Binoche

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