Cats: why Hugh Jackman refused a role

Cats: why Hugh Jackman refused a role

Already directed by Tom Hooper in Les Misérables, Hugh Jackman should have found the director to star in the musical film Cats. However, the Australian actor refused the role which was offered to him.

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Although familiar with musical films and a singer at heart after his world tour The Man. The Music. The Show., in which he was taking hits from Broadway musicals and more, accompanied by a live orchestra, Hugh Jackman revealed to Daily Beast that he had refused a role in the musical film Cats. Contacted during the pre-production phase by director Tom Hooper, for whom he had previously filmed in Les Misérables by playing Jean Valjean, the Australian actor had to give up playing in the adaptation of the musical Cats. The feature film would have been an opportunity for him to push the song again after his performance in The Greatest Showman but Hugh Jackman was simply not available.

“Tom contacted me early enough because we had done Les Misérables together and we had tried to set options according to each person’s calendars, but I was simply not available at the time”. If we do not know what role Hugh Jackman could have played in Cats, the actor defends himself from any judgment on the film, sparing by critics and “winner” of 6 awards at the Razzie Awards, the ceremony which rewards worst movies. He also refuses to say that he “did well” to refuse his participation: “I don’t want to follow the movement and criticize to criticize. I haven’t seen the film and Tom Hooper is one of our greatest directors”. While waiting to perhaps see Hugh Jackman in a musical film, the Australian actor is playing the bad drama Bad Education, which will be broadcast on HBO in the United States on April 25.

The Cats trailer:

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