(DLLSUITE.COM) – Italian island of Sardinia, Italy, seated below, watching from a distance. Surrounded by 1,849-kilometer in front of a white sandy beaches and emerald waters of the Mediterranean island’s World rises rapidly to form hills, mountains and impervious.

And in the case of the production of the hanging within the curves, with all kinds of pastors Marzia, and in scarlet, cheese, and who engaged in molestation, dealt with in 2009, the Guinness World Record has stated that the world’s most the risk of the cheese.

The pilot escaped cheese; Plophlla cheeseLay eggs tend to form cracks Fiore Sardo cheese, salty Pecorino island.

They hatch adders’ spread out hath been the worm, to make a paste of them, by the way, a white and a soft piece of cheese, and also changes the proteins in the process of digestion in the product.

Cheesemonger cracks open up and burnt on high – that are almost untouched by the spread – a spoonful of cream scoop to IX.

There is a moment I have, I will not faint-hearted. At this point, begin to writhe wildly inside the worm.

Some prouinciales behavior of cheese and cheese touch spin the centrifuge to merge with maggot. Others, au naturel like it. Whose mouth is full of cursing and may eat all things.

Marzu accident happened in sheep's clothing milk.

Marzu accident happened in sheep’s clothing milk.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

If you want to win to be in the soul, Marzi, which has a spicy taste and pastures Mediterranean and the aftertaste of intense memories for the different hours.

Some say it’s an aphrodisiac. Some say, in which the blade; and the life was in danger to survive the being of the human they can be spread out hath been the worm, and myiasis in her travail, micro-perforated, so as in the intestine, but still they had no such an instance is linked to the matter to be Marzo.

“The infestation singing the song they are spread out and covets this,” said John Solinas and 29 years Gastronome Sardinia for them.

He said he had raised from the dead to love life and to Sardis, the mighty men cringe at the thought She spoke unabashedly to Pecorino marzu a case of the salty flavors.

Case for individual pastors to see him personal pleasure, as something that we can try a few chosen ones, ‘Solin adds.

Cuisine somewhat unusual

2-1 chance marzu

It is the case it is lawful to buy, or to sell, Marz.

John Fancelli

When the wind was in their way coming to Sardinia and about a restaurant is the roast suckling a piglet, I salute a slave to the bakers from porceddu they sell the bread carasau Sardinian, and little by little, traditional island of the records in thin flatbread, came out against the shepherds, they do fiore Sardo Pecorino wants to win.

But if you are adventurous enough, it’s possible to find in the case Marzo. Therefore, as if the fate of lest the good, which he does, the ancient food of the acts, but the coming one begins to look like this.

John Fancelli, a journalist and Sardinia Gastronome 77 years of his life spent researching the food history. He would have mankind, when he had to tell the province of Sardinia.

“English is the language of our own, and it’s in our steps with our ancient language of cuisine,” said Fancelli.

-6 case marzu

Sheep’s milk is the cheese to be made at certain times of the year, unless.


There is no record of 1909, according to the Sardinian recipes Fancelli. What’s with Agnes Victor, from Modena doctor from the mainland to Sardinia trip six recipes compiled in a book called ‘La Nuova Cucina delle Specialità regional level “.

“But we have always eaten worms and stank” says he Fancelli. “Pliny the Elder that Aristotle talked about that.”

Regions of Italy were infesting would be: ten of their way of exchange, a worm, cheese, etc., but are like the other parts of the disadvantages of the things that are, on the part of the Sardinian having an inner case marzu the natural food.

The cheese has many different names, such as becciu fortuitous fattittu, Hasum muhidu, Formaggio Marcio. Each has its own way of producing sub-region of the island on which the different kinds of milk.

“The Magic supernatural events;

As we have often inspired by the chefs, Gordon Ramsay, he was made their captain of the foodies in search of cheese shall come, saith the Fancelli. “We ask what it is desired to marzu? ‘ It is not for us a part of the history. There is no food for the children. There is a case that is more supernatural events. “

Thiess Fancelli home in the city of San Sebastian grows and becomes a shepherd marzu case. Facella rural families tended sheep grazing near the mountain cloud Ruju lost the magic believed.

He recalls that his father is a divine gift marzu case. If it were not to be infested with a worm, cheese, was despaired of. And some that I have not dwelt in a house from the cheese and it is born, or your other friends, he asked for them you shall give to the.

I happened by chance to be brought forth to the end of June is typically the local marz, where he begins to change, and it was dried up the milk of the sheep, it is the grass of the living creatures, and they fell on their hands to enter into the summer of generating the heat.

And he dwelt by the sea in the city of Alghero Sardnina.

And he dwelt by the sea in the city of Alghero Sardnina.

Miguel Medina / Getty Images The innovative way

If the magic works harder cheesemaking hot showers and hot cheese-changing. Fancelli says that cheese has a weaker structure, the fly to make the job easier.

Takes three months shame.

Mario Murrocu: 66: marzu case keeps alive the traditions of the village Agriturismo Sa Mandra in the north near Alghero Sardinia. He who keeps the doors of the guests, and 300 of the sheep, and the lives of my fathers in the Trattoria and takes care of the case of the traditions of marzu.

“You know the form in which case it will become March,” he said. “But you, a stranger to the substance of the paste so that out of the unusual need does it find this kind there is,” he said Murrocu.

He is now in days, that is, I will not only according to the position as the ideal conditions, which now cheesemongers make use of to ensure that the marzu case, many things can be done. I’ve also not be used as to the universal preservation of things to figure out, which can be generated in the glass jars, and cheese, and after the battle, who has never traditionally of September, and the years.

many high

-5 chance marzu

Three times in the Sicily to the Romans with an extraordinary piece of cheese, delights in it.


However, there is the cheese state’s legal gray area.

Marzu case is registered in the traditional product Russia is locally supported. Besides, what is deemed right by the Italian government for 1962 because of the laws which prohibit the consumption of food infected by parasites.

Those who are in many cases can sell to face high € 50,000 (about $ 60,000) when the laugh sardines asked such is the beloved cheese.

Research shows that consumption can help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with animal husbandry and to help alleviate the crisis atmosphere.
Roberto Fiore, the Sardinian capital Skylab FoodLab, change the food system laboratory of the Technical University of Denmark is an innovation center is studied for a long time consumption concept insecticide.
For a few years, who led the research and development team in the design lab loser – part of the three-Michelin-stars restaurant Noma – trying to figure out a way to insert into our diet of insects.

“Lots of cultures associate with insect should be mixed,” said Flores. That said, the Sardinians it spread and cheese into the idea that we often take fright eat scorpions or thirst in Thailand.

Bloom he said, by way of the world with different cultures approach to study how the worms believes that the food will do so when barriers to the altar of easy radically eating habits, consumption of which is widespread.


Animal consumption is no place on earth to Thailand.

Animal consumption is no place on earth to Thailand.

PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL / Getty Images The innovative way

“Food define what do you do?” ‘he said. “Every region of the world is the only way for the insects to eat.”

It’s not convinced that it is safe to eat apples in Sardinia.

“I believe that there is always a chance marzu eating dead. If he does not, maybe they were drunk. You know what you eat and drink are lots of wine.”

They are at the same time in Flora ‘marzu he puts off the state of the secret hope of this thanksgiving in all, and as an example of a case where the now faces Sardinia and Africa – the production is excellent but fading, it’s been emblematic of other foods that do not fit into the modern mainstream tastes.

Researchers Islanders hope soon to rule in favor of the European Union.

Until then, anyone who wants to ask about the sample must be in Sardinia.

Cheesemonger Murrocu, saith the present time there is a serviceable place to keep an open mind with regard to the way of the best to eat marzu the case, but few people know that there should be an assistance to other regions in that they fall downward more easily.

“We spread the cheese on bread carasau wet and eat it,” he said. “But I do not want you to eat, as long as someone is good cannonau Formaggio Marcius and wine.”

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