Do Not Forget To Visit These 10 Incredible Castles In Italy On Your Next Trip To Europe

A country renowned throughout the world for its history and natural beauty – Italy is a great place to visit and explore castles. With cities boasting several thousand years of documented history, Italy’s castles have stood the test of time to tell their visitors the story of their golden past.

Enchanting Palaces in Italy

With over 300 castles throughout the country, finding the best castles in Italy can easily become an almost impossible task for a first-time visitor. However, travelers can now have at their disposal this list of medieval castles in Italy that will guarantee them a spectacular sightseeing trip with their loved ones.

1. Aragonese Castle, Ischia

Aragonese PalaceAragonese Palace


A 2000-year-old church located near the Bay of Naples that outlived famous dynasties such as the Greeks, and was subjected to near-fatal destruction by the British in 1809, Aragonese Castle is one of Italy’s finest castles, having undergone tremendous transformation. have seen. Inside and around you.

Travelers will get their first view of the palace from the coast of Naples as they look south toward the small volcanic island on which the palace is built. The entrance of the palace is connected by a walkway for easy access.

Time: 9 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: INR 820 (for adults); INR 500 (children between 10-14); Free for children under 10 years

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2. Fortress of St. Nicholas, Tremiti Islands

Fort of St. NicholasFort of St. Nicholas


Built on an archipelago off the east coast of Italy, the Fortress of St. Nicholas is a beautiful castle built on the island of Tremiti. With its tall and mighty white sandstone structure, the fort and its surrounding area provide a beautiful outpost for travelers who are fond of photography.

Time: 9 am to 6 pm

3. Sforza Castle, Milan

Sforza CastleSforza Castle


Sforza is one of the palaces in Italy that was one of the largest fortresses in Europe in the medieval period. Built by the Dukes of Milan, the Sforza is today one of the most visited sights in Milan.

The unique thing about this palace is that the structure we see today was very different from what it was during its initial construction in the 14th century. As the centuries passed and rulers changed, there were new additions and renovations to the palace.

Time: 7 am to 7:30 pm
entrance fees: 400 rupees

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4. Miramare Castle, Grignano

Miramare PalaceMiramare Palace


Miramare is arguably one of the best palaces in Italy for sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty. Compared to its counterparts across the country, this palace is quite new as it was built by an Austrian Archduke in the 19th century.

The story of this palace is as fascinating, if not more so, than the natural beauty surrounding it. This palace was built with the purpose of creating a love nest for the Austrian Archduke Maximilian and Charlotte of Belgium.

Time: 9 am to 6:30 pm
entrance fees: INR 960

5. Buonconsiglio Castle, Trento

Buonconsiglio CastleBuonconsiglio Castle


Located in the hilly region of Trento in northern Italy, Buonconsiglio is one of the most interesting palaces in Italy. Apart from being over 700 years old, a stroll inside the palace complex will give travelers an idea of ​​how different each part is in terms of architectural style. From its gorgeous frescoes to the beautiful palace fortifications, Buonconsiglio is famous for leaving its visitors in awe and admiration.

Time: 10 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: INR 820 (for adults); INR 500 (for people aged 15-26)

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6. Three Towers of San Marino

three towers of san marinothree towers of san marino


The Three Towers of San Marino are one of those breathtaking castles in Italy that you’d usually see in a fancy travel video in which a drone circles around the castle that’s built atop a beautiful hill. Originally built as a prison about 1000 years ago, the three towers of San Marino have now been converted into a popular museum, displaying the armory of the different kingdoms that have inhabited the region over the past millennia.

Time: 10 am to 5 pm
entrance fees: 350 rupees

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7. Castell Nuovo, Naples

Castell NuovoCastell Nuovo


Also known as Maschio Angiocino to the citizens of Naples, Castell Nuovo is one of the more frequently visited places on the castle map in Italy. This palace built near the coast has been home not only to rulers of Italian origin but also to foreign kings of Aragon of Spain. The meticulously built Renaissance structure is a breath of fresh air in the center of a bustling city.

Time: 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
entrance fees: INR 500

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8. Castell del Monte, Bari

Castell del MonteCastell del Monte


Castell del Monte is considered not only a grand castle, but also a wonderful architectural achievement of the medieval period. With its unique blend of Oriental, Cistercian Gothic and ancient architecture, Castell del Monte deserves every praise it can get. Built near a monastery near a hill, this fort is surrounded by wildlife and nature.

With its inspiring octagonal prism design and 8 towers supporting the structure, the optics of this building are a joy to behold.

Time: 10:15 am to 7:45 pm
entrance fees: 600 rupees

9. Castell Sant’Angelo, Rome

Castle de GeloCastle de Gelo


In fact no list of castles in Italy, or anywhere in the world, could be complete without the mention of Castell Sant’Angelo. This palace has witnessed the birth, rise, growth, fall and renaissance of the historic city of Rome over the last two millennia. A cylindrical building that was built during the Roman Empire, Castell Sant’Angelo has long been part of not only Rome’s DNA, but also its folklore and anecdotes.

Time: 9 am to 7:30 pm
entrance fees: INR 1650 (Adult); INR 1080 (18 -25 years); INR 460 (0-17 years)

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10. Palace of Fenice

castle of feniscastle of fenis


Built in the Aosta Valley bordering France and Switzerland to the north, the Castle of Fenice is a classical medieval castle built by Aymon of Chailant. Travelers usually take a short day trip from Turin to see this beautiful palace. As well as admiring its architectural beauty, this mountainous region offers nature lovers plenty of options for hiking and adventure sports in the Aosta Valley.

Time: 10 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 5 pm
entrance fees: INR 580 (adult); INR 170 (6-17 years); Free (for children under 6 years)

While it’s entirely possible to visit just one of Italy’s many beautiful castles, this list, if kept handy, will provide travelers with a great starting point and direction to begin their adventures at Italy’s grand and historic sites. Will get it.

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