Cassandre on France 3: will there be a season 6?  - News Series on TV

Cassandre on France 3: will there be a season 6? – News Series on TV

While there was still an unpublished episode, France 3 puts season 5 of “Cassandre” on hiatus and offers a rerun this evening. But don’t panic, this last episode will be scheduled later and a season 6 is already being filmed.

Fabrice LANG – FTV – NEWEN

After having broadcast the first three episodes of season 5 of Cassandre (out of four in total), France 3 goes into replay mode tonight by offering its viewers to review “A better life”, the first episode of season 4.

From next week, the detective series led by Gwendoline Hamon and Alexandre Varga will give way to the unpublished telefilm Meurtres à Toulouse, with Lionnel Astier, which will itself be followed on Saturday June 5 by Mortelles calanques with Philippe Bas. In short, the broadcast of Cassandre seems for the moment interrupted and, contacted by us, France 3 was not able to give us any indications on the date or the period in which the finale of season 5 will be scheduled.

The most impatient Cassandra fans can, however, immediately discover this new fourth episode, entitled “Le Secret d’Angèle”. The final survey of season 5, which welcomes Héléna Noguerra and Amaury de Crayencour as guests, is in fact already available on the Salto streaming platform, which even before the broadcast on France 3 already offered the entirety of the fifth season in preview to its subscribers.

Fabrice LANG – FTV – NEWEN

And as good news never comes alone, know that season 6 of Cassandre has been ordered by France 3 and that it is even already on the rails. The first two episodes, which correspond to episodes 21 and 22 of the series, entitled “Les Sentiers de la mort” and “Le Secret de la ruche”, are currently being filmed between Annecy and Lyon, until the end of the month of June.

Two new surveys carried out by Eric Le Roux which will always be carried by Gwendoline Hamon, Alexandre Varga, Dominique Pinon, and Jessy Ugolin. And which should logically be followed by two other episodes, which will certainly be shot this fall. All for a broadcast expected in 2022 on France 3.

And given that Cassandre made a winning comeback at the beginning of May, bringing together 5.17 million viewers in front of the first episode of its season 5, with a record audience in market share (20.8% of 4 years and over ), the police series of France 3 still seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

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