Cassandre on France 3: “There will be small rapprochements between Cassandre and Roche”…

France 3 is broadcasting the last unpublished episode of season 5 of “Cassandre” tonight. Gwendoline Hamon and Alexandre Varga, the stars of the series, tell us more about what awaits us in this new opus and in season 6 which will follow.

Cassandre on france 3: "there will be small rapprochements between cassandre and roche"...

Allociné: Fans were impatiently awaiting the broadcast of the last episode of season 5 of Cassandre, which had not been broadcast following the others in the spring of 2021, and which is finally arriving on France 3. Do you know why the channel has choose to save it for later?

Gwendoline Hamon : We know without knowing. It is not us who decide, nor fiction. It was a decision of the programming of France Television. We found out at the last moment and we suspected that it was because there was Eurovision across the way. As the audience is probably the same, it would have been a shame if it was split between the two.

We think that’s it, and I think the programming did well. And then it doesn’t matter. Cassandre is a collection, it’s four units per year and you can look at them in any order. We’ve shot two more since, which means there are three unreleased films that are ready for the public.

For those who have not seen this season finale, which was still posted on Salto, what can we expect from this investigation entitled “Le Secret d’Angèle”?

Gwendoline Hamon : We can wait for Héléna Noguerra who is divinely beautiful, friendly and a good actress. We can expect Amaury de Crayencour, Naïma Rodric whom Alexandre met on this shoot and with whom he fell in love. It’s a beautiful episode that takes place in a high school for difficult children. Obviously, there is a murder otherwise there is no Cassandra and there is no Roche.

The rest will take place in the middle of navigation and beekeeping in the high mountains. But I won’t tell you more.

Alexander Varga : In this episode, we can also expect pretty comedy scenes between Cassandra and Roche who continue to bicker and chase after each other. This is what makes the strength of this last season. As a result, there is a certain rapprochement and a certain rapprochement between these two characters. We had a lot of fun in those comedy scenes.

Gwendoline Hamon: Cassandre is what we call family thrillers. It is a program that must bring together the most people while not being corny. It shouldn’t be too violent, too trashy, too sexual. You see what I mean ? You don’t have to be shocked. And at the same time, it has to look real.

There are intrigues that are super well done on Cassandre. The authors work really well because it’s 90 minutes. It allows time to develop. Often we are told “Ah, I didn’t think it was her” or “I didn’t think it was him”. That’s how it worked. At the same time, it’s true that we develop the recurring characters and the comedy scenes a lot. It’s enjoyable and I think viewers like it.

So there will be a real rapprochement between Roche and Cassandre?

Gwendoline Hamon: That, I won’t tell you [rires]. There are going to be small rapprochements but is there going to be bonding? [rires]. Obviously there are things that will be done. Or not for that matter.

Alexander Varga : They’re still playing cat and mouse anyway. When he feels that she is moving away a little, it is he who plays the seducer but when she loses sight of him, it is she who comes back to the charge. It’s funny.

It’s true that there is comedy and I find that on this season, there are even more smiles. It’s nice. And it’s true that by developing 90 minutes, we can really confuse the issue of detective stories. It’s super interesting.

This is also what happens in a real police investigation. I have a few friends who are in the police and on an investigation, we leave nothing to chance, we explore all possible leads. So it actually leads to going in one direction, crashing, going back, starting in another.

We also always have very nice guests so that feeds all that. Whereas if we had just a choice of guest, we would know immediately that it is towards him that we should go. Here we manage to cover our tracks.

Gwendoline Hamon: And above all, we have a real team with our recurring partners, Dominic Pinon, Jessy Ugolin, Emmanuelle Bougerol, Sören Prévost. We have great actors.

You know on TV, it’s always the same thing. TV is stigmatized in France since we are a clan country. We don’t realize that we have much less time to make a film than in the cinema. You have to manage to be natural and punchy by crossing them, that is to say by playing two episodes mixed in the same day with 78,000 different names and times. It doesn’t seem like much, but it really is a job. And so much the better, we know how to do it.

We are in a school without it being everyday because it is yet another way of working. Fortunately, we have good actors with us and good writers. We work a lot.

Alexander Varga : It’s true that shooting two TV movies at the same time is a lot of work. You mustn’t lose track, it’s real gymnastics.

With the health crisis, was the filming of season 6 more tiring?

Gwendoline Hamon: Tiring, don’t overdo it. You have to wear the mask and do a test once a week, it’s not that tiring. Let’s say that it’s a little more constraint that is a bit boring.

alexander vargas : It has been lightened in the season we are filming compared to last year. As actors, we don’t wear the mask during takes while the technicians wear it all day and sometimes in overwhelming heat. For them, it’s more complicated. So I have a thought for all the technicians who have been with us for five or six years now and who are also doing a wonderful job.

Émilie Gavois-Kahn recently left the series. Did that do anything to you?

Gwendoline Hamon : Me it completely upset me. I knew she was going to leave. She became a friend over time. She’s also a demented actress and a wonderful woman. We had a lot in common and it was very hard.

Afterwards, I’m proud and happy for her because she now has a leading role in Les Petits Murders d’Agatha Christie on France 2 and she’s an excellent actress. But I cried a lot. I cried like a little girl and I fully accept it.

Comments collected at the Monte-Carlo festival in June 2021.

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