Cassandre on France 3: actors of Un Si Grand Soleil and Clem in season 5 - News Series on TV

Cassandre on France 3: actors of Un Si Grand Soleil and Clem in season 5 – News Series on TV

Commissioner Florence Cassandre is back for new unpublished surveys on May 1 on France 3. Discover all the guests of this new season!


Tonight at 9:05 p.m., France 3 broadcasts the first of four unreleased tracks from Cassandre’s new season. Entitled “Timeout“, he will not leave any to the investigator embodied by Gwendoline Hamon, who will find herself on the sidelines of her investigations facing an intimate dilemma of size in this new season.

While she is gradually getting closer to her subordinate, Captain Roche, since the beginning of the series, will she finally come to terms with her feelings and consider a relationship with him, at the risk of upsetting their pair?

For its part, Roche, played by Alexandre Varga, will have to face a major news: that of the discovery of his potential paternity, by making a teenager who claims to be his daughter …

Among the guests who will punctuate this season, fans of Un Si Grand Soleil will be delighted to find two actors from the daily: Frederic Van Den Driessche and Naïma Rodric, who respectively play Doctor Alphand and the young journalist Lucille.

Clem fans will recognize Jean Dell, who plays the role of Michel Brimont in the TF1 series, in the first episode broadcast tonight. Will also appear in the cast Claire Borotra, which we will soon find in Plan B on TF1, Virginie Lemoine (Host family), Thomas Jouannet (Sam), Helena Noguerra (The Replacement), or even Amaury de Crayencour, seen recently in César Wagner.

Cassandre season 5, from Saturday May 1 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3:

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