Captain Marleau on France 2: what does the press think of the episode with Béatrice Dalle?  - News Series on TV

Captain Marleau on France 2: what does the press think of the episode with Béatrice Dalle? – News Series on TV

This Friday, April 9 at 9:05 p.m., the channel broadcasts a new one of the adventures of the incorrigible investigator. Entitled “The city of souls in pain”, this episode will see Béatrice Dalle give the answer to Corinne Masiero. Did he convince the critics?

What is it about ?

In this new episode of Captain Marleau, entitled “City of souls in pain”, Eva, an old acquaintance of the investigator, is accused of murder. The victim ? François Mendieta, the boss of a fishery in Royan.

The captain must compose with Alex Weller (Arnaud Ducret), a famous cop that the prosecutor has co-entered, and Alice Le Drouin (Béatrice Dalle), the owner of a pub where fishermen have their habits.

Between cigarette trafficking, precariousness and social revenge, mobiles are flourishing around the inhabitants of a neighborhood threatened with destruction. But Marleau’s (Corinne Masiero) suspicion soon fell on Weller: why did the latter insist on being in charge of the investigation? Could there be a link with his daughter, found dead eleven years earlier while on vacation in the region?

What the press thinks …

According to Télé Loisirs:

Arnaud Ducret is enigmatic at will in the role of Alex Weller, a tortured policeman. He is the weight against a Corinne Masiero in great shape in this well-conducted investigation. Béatrice Dalle also creates a beautiful composition in the role of Alice, a former photographer marked by the disappearance of her daughter.“4/5

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According to Télé 7 jours:

Béatrice Dalle not only holds but literally bursts the screen in front of Corinne Masiero “Marleau”. Between these two lionesses, Arnaud Ducret manages to play his tough score, more fragile than it seems.“3.5 / 5

According to Télé Z:

Marleau laughs at everything, upsets investigators and suspects, but this whirlwind sometimes makes you dizzy.“3/5

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According to Cable Sat TV:

The multiplication of guests, as pleasant, amusing or surprising as it is, is only a dressing on a superficially tangled and frankly boring scenario.“2/5

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According to Télérama:

“As is now customary in the world of the chapka policeman, the plot serves as a pretext to bring together a range of well-known actors (…) around a freewheeling Corinne Masiero. From episode to episode , the sympathy capital of the open-mouthed and uncompromising investigator was drowned in a rather heartbreaking form of self-parody. ” 1/5

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