Captain America Civil War: Black Panther almost wasn’t in the movie

While it now seems unimaginable that Black Panther would be absent from “Captain America: Civil War”, there was a time when this was very seriously considered.

Captain America Civil War Black Panther almost wasnt in the
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Chadwick Boseman almost didn’t appear in Captain America: Civil War. Until very close to filming, the storyline remained uncertain, in part due to the fact that the legal status of a Marvel character was also difficult.

It all started in the course of 2014, Kevin Feige, great spawn of the Marvel-Avengers universe meets the representatives of the Sony studio, holders of the cinematographic rights of the character of Spider-Man, in order to convince them to “praise him” ” the character.

Feige offers them his know-how in the creation of connected universes and praises the receipts garnered by his studio and Sony, which has just missed his Amazing Spider-Man 2, begins negotiations. That is running its course and the next MCU movie, which is set to introduce this new Spider-Man, begins writing.

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Spider-Man and Tony Stark reunited, fans’ dream

It is Captain America: Civil War which therefore contains a kind of original story of Peter Parker, linked to the course of Tony Stark, who will see in this young high school student a spiritual son. Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely therefore begin to work with this idea in mind.

They must also introduce the character of T’Challa, future wearer of the Black Panther costume. Lacking time to devote to him on the screen, they decide that he will not appear in uniform but simply as the son of the King of Wakanda. The idea was to teaser Black Panther’s solo film, already announced for 2018.

Except that in December of the same year, we learned from the leaks of emails at Sony that the agreement was not successful. Spider-Man is staying with Sony, and the MCU can no longer have him in Captain America 3.

Another consequence: Markus and McFeely revise their copy by removing Peter Parker from the film and add a lot more of T’Challa, who now steps in in a Black Panther costume.

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Then, in a surprise turnaround, on February 10, 2015, Marvel Studios and Sony announced a landmark deal: Marvel would produce Spider-Man films for Sony to distribute. They’ll share the recipes and that will allow Spider-Man to appear in the MCU.

For McFeely and Markus, this is both good news and bad news. The good thing is that they can reinstate the original Peter Parker’s story with Tony Stark. The bad news is, Black Panther has become part of the storyline and they can’t go back on that part.

Where is “Black Panther 2”?

A compromise is therefore found and Spider-Man’s screen time is reduced. Tom Holland, who is chosen in June 2015, will have 8 minutes and 30 seconds of screen time and T’Challa / Black Panther, 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Thus, the two new characters can cohabit without interfering with the general plot.

And this is how T’Challa went from a minimal role without appearing in Black Panther to a striking presence for the spectators, and setting the tone of his universe before his solo film, which will be a box with 1.3 billion dollars brought back. , which is 200 million more than Captain America: Civil War.

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