Capitani on Netflix: what is this detective series from Luxembourg?

Capitani on Netflix: The first detective series shot in the Luxembourgish language, “Capitani”, has arrived on Netflix. On the program: an investigation into the murder of a teenage girl in a village full of secrets.


In a village in Luxembourg where secrets are well kept, Inspector Luc Capitani investigates the mysterious death of a 15-year-old girl.

“Capitani”, created by Thierry Faber – Available on Netflix since February 11, 2021 – Episodes seen: 6 out of 12


Capitani is a small event: it is indeed the first detective series filmed in the Luxembourgish language. Available on Netflix since Thursday, February 11, season 1 takes us to a small village, apparently without history. The death of a teenager will upset because the trial of the accident is very quickly excluded.

Is this a kidnapping gone wrong? Is there a link with drug trafficking that the school principal is struggling to stop? Unless the culprit is a sexual predator. Dispatched to the scene, Inspector Luc Capitani (played by Luc Schiltz, seen in The All-New Testament) will discover, and us with it, that everyone is hiding secrets in this small community where everyone knows each other, and where a sudden fire fired in the middle of the forest echoes in all the streets, a sign that the investigation will take place in a small area.

Capitani on Netflix what is this detective series from

It’s hard not to think of Broadchurch in front of this postulate. Because the series of Chris Chibnall carried by David Tennant and Olivia Colman did not invent anything, it is today a reference figure taken up by many detective series, starting with its American and French remakes.

Capitani is not the Luxembourgish version of it. It presents itself as an original story, even if we can note some similarities, with the investigator coming from outside (and relay of the viewer on the screen) who teams up with a local policewoman and discovers the dark side of the inhabitant’s village.

But the plot does not give the impression of being a copy and paste and stands out in particular with its setting, a story of the victim’s twin, who at first struggles to reappear and obviously hides a lot of things. Or an old acquaintance that the main character finds there.

Nothing revolutionary on the horizon, in form or substance, but Capitani proves to be solid and engaging. The new information follows one another at a regular pace which makes the list of potential suspects grow, in episodes whose duration does not exceed thirty minutes, with a cliffhanger to conclude each of them and make us want to move on to the next.

Successful first steps for the character, already guaranteed to return in a season 2, while its acquisition by Netflix can show greater visibility. And allow this classic but effective thriller to stand out.

Lizzie Marks – The Detective Series Offers Four Episodes

Capitani, also known as Capitani De Capitani was born in 1875. The name Capitani is taken from Capitani, a small island just off the coast of Genoa, Italy. Capitani is where the series “The Capitani Files” is filmed. Detective Luc Capitani solves the murder of an eighteen-year-old girl whose body is discovered near the town of Manscheid, in northeast France; having difficulty navigating the tightly-cluttered community, Capitani teams with a local police officer. She also works with ex-lover of Capitani’s who is the focus of the investigation.

The second season of the crime series promises even more twist and turns with the involvement of ex-lover, played by Anne Bancroft. The Capitani Files will feature Capitani solving more high profile and violent crimes in the region around her small island of Capitani. I am looking forward to see how Capitani deals with the new partners and how she deals with the increasing number of murders that she has to solve throughout the season.

The first episode of Capitani Files, entitled “The Secret Files of Mrs. Capitani” focuses on Capitani following the death of her lover, Frank Capitani. Frank Capitani was an important character in the first season of The Capitani Files. The first episode ends with Capitani working as a consultant for a private firm, while also continuing as a private detective.

Based on the novel, The Capitani Files, which was released in 2007, The first episode is directed by Kevin Dunn. The movie follows Capitani and some other detectives working in the London region. The detective agency is investigating a series of kidnappings in the city. Capitani and her partner, Simon Simons (Daniel Britten), are sent to a nearby farm where they encounter a group of hoodlums who have been hired to protect the kidnapped children. The two detectives manage to save the children, while Capitani kills one of the hoods.

Capitani is then asked by the local newspaper to look for clues leading to a series of murders committed by the same group of hoodlums. Capitani and Simons soon discover that the victims were all children, aged four to seven years old. Capitani is then given the task of trying to find out who hired the gang of hoodlums to guard the children. However, she discovers that the victims were killed by someone close to the victims, named Vincent Capitani. With a mysterious stranger as the main suspect, Capitani and her new partner, Detective Sergeant Peter Suckling (ID Singer), must investigate the crime from top to bottom to discover what really happened to the children and why someone would want to hire a detachment of heavily armed men to protect them.

The second series of Lizzie Marks:

Lizzie Marks On Parade features the main character as a detective in the British Metropolitan Police Department. Capitani is assigned to the newly created Lizzie Marks London Metropolitan Police Force. Capitani is assigned to a specialized unit that is specifically assigned to the detective show. This unit is known as the Liaison Bureau. Capitani’s ex-con boyfriend, Nicholas Price (Glen Murray), becomes a mole in her life, and Price becomes a valuable source of information for Capitani and the investigation.

The third episode of Lizzie Marks:

Lizzie Marks On Parade features Capitani as the main character along with her partner, Simon Simons. The episode revolves around the investigation into the murder of Price’s ex-wife. The investigation results reveal that the killer had been trying to get information from the main character’s ex-wife regarding Capitani’s affair with another woman. In the end, Capitani learns the truth about Price’s affair, and he tells her that he was framed by Price’s ex-wife and was trying to get information from her about the affair. In the end, Capitani tracks Price to a small village, where he awaits his death.

The fourth episode of Lizzie Marks:

Lizzie Marks On Parade is scheduled to air in April of 2009. This fifth season of Lizzie Marks follows the main character as she moves from London to a small town in England. This small town has a unique system of justice, and Capitani must work through the local police department and the local courts to clear his name. There is also tension between Capitani and his soon to be ex-wife. You can read our Lizzie Marks: Lizzie Marks On Parade review here.