CANNESERIES 2022: we saw the ambitious space series Infiniti and two thrillers that…

AlloCiné brings you the 5th edition of the CANNESERIES festival. On the program for the day: two series that smell good of the 80s and crime, Bang Bang Baby and 1985, but also Infiniti, the new original CANAL+ creation.

The fifth edition of CANNESERIES continues with exclusive events. Fans of TV dailies were able to attend a meeting and signing session with the teams of Demain Nous Belong, Ici Tout Commence and Plus Belle La Vie, while others were able to discover the first episodes of the documentary series Soprano at the life and death, soon on Disney+. Lucky men and women were also able to attend Gillian Anderson’s masterclass.

As for out-of-competition series, we were able to discover the new original CANAL+ creation which plunges us into the mysteries of space and which is called Infiniti. On the competition side, two series reminiscent of the eighties and crime, the Italian Bang Bang Baby and the Belgian 1985, were presented.

Bang Bang Baby (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw the ambitious space series infiniti and two thrillers that...
Prime Video – Andrea Pirrello

Navigating between teen drama and mafia thriller, bang bang baby follows the descent into hell of Alice, a 16-year-old teenager, in search of answers about her origins. Leading a mundane and boring existence with her mother Gabriella in northern Italy in the 1980s, she dreams of somewhere else where her father, whom she believes to be dead, would be back in the dreary landscape she has gazed upon ever since. years.

Everything changes when she learns that her father Santo Maria is actually imprisoned in Milan. This reunion will be decisive for the young woman, who is taken in by her father’s family who is part of a branch of the mafia led by her grandmother Nonna Lina. There, Alice then sinks into crime.

If gangsters and the mafia have been treated extensively and across in films and series from Italy, Bang Bang Baby stands out for its authentic emancipation story and embodied by the remarkable performance of Ariana Becheroni in the skin of this young woman ready to do anything for the love of her father, even to play with the codes of the elders to better overthrow the norms. The eighties atmosphere, the madness of the characters and an explosive and sometimes sour staging make Andrea Di Stefano’s series a tasty entertainment. It remains to be seen how long it holds.

Infiniti (Out of Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw the ambitious space series infiniti and two thrillers that...
Viktoriya Abramova – Fingerprint – Federation Entertainment Belgium – CANAL+

After Les Revenants, Vernon Subutex and La Flamme, Céline Sallette is the heroine of a new original CANAL+ creation, which promised to be captivating and highly sought after. In Infinitishe plays Anna Zarathi, a French astronaut, dismissed in extremis from an ISS (International Space Station) mission in favor of Anthony Kurtz, an American astronaut.

When he disappears, the different nations involved in the mission turn to Anna, who was close to Anthony. This complex space investigation takes a whole new twist when Anthony’s decapitated, wax-covered body is found in Kazakhstan. With the help of Isaak Turgun (Daniyar Alshinov), a lost Kazakh cop, Anna will try to understand this inexplicable phenomenon by deciphering the signs of the stars.

Shot in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and France, this supernatural thriller touching the firmament of esotericism gives itself the means of its ambitions to offer a great show and embark its audience in sumptuous settings, between Kazakh steppe and reconstituted plans of the space. Navigating between several languages, the characters sometimes sink into a rather slow and intimate plot, which could lose a few souls along the way, while the tracks get blurred and the truth is always a little elsewhere.

1985 (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw the ambitious space series infiniti and two thrillers that...
Eyeworks – Thomas Nolf

First series co-produced by La Une (RTBF) and Eén (VRT), 1985 is a major politico-social thriller that looks back on one of the darkest episodes in the history of Belgium. The series indeed recounts the wave of robberies and murders that occurred between 1981 and 1985, which are attributed to the so-called “The Killers of Brabant”, criminals who have never been found.

To retrace this period of horror and political change, the creators have chosen to tell the story of three friends, Vicky, her brother Franky and her best friend Marc, young adults full of ideals and dreams when they move in Brussels. But their different trajectories – she is a rebellious and progressive law student, they become policemen prey to rotten and corrupt superiors – will deeply taint their strong friendship, which is put to the test.

Their weakened relationship is intended to reflect an unprecedented crisis in Belgium, marked by the distrust of a population towards the political world and the police, sullied by the arrest of an influential commander involved in trafficking. drugs and the attack on an exemplary major. This event will lead Belgium and our three heroes into an infernal and frightening spiral, which terribly echoes our time.

Very well constructed and brilliantly written, 1985 is a captivating series that brings to light a period of dread in Belgium. By using this troubled time as a backdrop, this fiction based freely on real events wants above all to tell the loss of innocence and the total disillusionment of a youth in full rupture. In addition to the means implemented to stage this panting and powerful social thriller and to plunge us back into the 80s with enthusiasm, we salute the performances of a large cast navigating between Flemish and French.

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