CANNESERIES 2022: we saw Louane in shrink in Visions and women’s journeys…

AlloCiné brings you the 5th edition of the CANNESERIES festival. On the program for the day: Louane’s return to fiction in the TF1 Visions series and the journeys of strong and moving women.

Another busy day for the fifth edition of CANNESERIES with new meetings and screenings for fans with the teams of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Here Everything Begins and Plus Belle La Vie. Festival-goers were also able to discover episodes of Marion and L’île aux 30 coffins and meet the respective teams.

Out of Competition, the new original creation of TF1 entitled Visions and carried by Louane and Soufiane Guerrab was presented in preview. On the Competition side, we discovered the Danish series The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixen, centered on the author behind the novel that inspired the film Out of Africa, and the melancholy Canadian series Audrey returned.

Marion (Cannes meeting)

Canneseries 2022: we saw louane in shrink in visions and women's journeys...

New original series 13ème RUE presented in preview at Canneséries, marion is a thriller created by Laetitia Kugler, Danielle Thiery and Jacques Kluger. We follow Edwige Marion, a divisional commissioner freshly arrived from Lyon with her adopted daughter to join the team of the railway brigade at the Gare du Nord in Paris. In this universe filled with violence, Marion juggles between her difficult criminal cases and her role as a mother.

This new detective series returns to a darker style of the genre, in which Braquo had engulfed himself, and dissects the unknown and obscure world of the railway brigade with poignancy and efficiency. By starting with an investigation that touches the commissioner personally, the series draws inspiration from her British counterparts and paints a complex portrait of a woman wounded by life who makes her cracks and her demons an implacable force. In the shoes of this policewoman and mother, we find Louise Monot (OSS 117: Rio no longer responds, Les Petits Mouchoirs, La Belle Histoire) who delivers a convincing performance full of energy.

The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixen (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw louane in shrink in visions and women's journeys...
Aske Alexander Foss

Entrepreneur in Kenya and Danish woman of letters, Karen Blixen is known for having written The African Farm, whose film adaptation Out of Africa – Memories of Africa by Sydney Pollack won an Oscar. But creator and screenwriter Dunja Gry Jensen chose to center her series The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixen over a transitional period in the author’s life, long before she rose to fame.

This psychological drama recounts Karen Blixen’s way of the cross at a pivotal moment in her life as she finds herself shattered by the loss of her husband, her fortune and her job after seventeen years in Kenya. Mentally weakened, Karen is forcibly taken in by her family who try to control her and lock her into the shackles and norms of the 1930s.

But Karen knows deep down that she has a completely different destiny. She will then start writing and completely disrupt her trajectory by reclaiming her life and freeing herself from her inner demons. In addition to the sublime staging of director Jeanette Nordahl, and a few folklore sequences where the writings of Karen Blixen come to life, the series is especially worthy of the inspired and sensitive interpretation of Connie Nielsen in the skin of this talented woman flouted but unwavering resilience.

Visions (Out of Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw louane in shrink in visions and women's journeys...
Hanoi Productions / TF1

Presented in preview, the new original creation of TF1 tries out the genre by mixing paranormal and police investigation. In Visions, Louane Emera plays Sarah, a young psychologist newly settled in a small town in the south with her husband Romain (Soufiane Guerrab), the new captain of the gendarmerie. The young woman will be confronted with the strange manifestations that appear to Diego (Léon Durieux), a little boy who could well be the key to the mysterious disappearance of his friend Lily during a birthday party.

By examining Diego, Sarah understands very quickly that the boy is special and that he can foresee dramas but also plunge back into traumas of the past, linked in particular to dark events in the life of the psychologist. Through this extraordinary investigation, all the secrets of the inhabitants of the small town will come out little by little and burst its already very fragile balance.

The supernatural and fantastic atmosphere of Visions, served with parsimony and poetry by the polished production of Akim Isker (Research Section, Alice Nevers), serves as a dreamlike common thread for an altogether classic but effective police intrigue which auscultates the failings of a community thanks to the expert writing of Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega (already working together on Gloria). The story of Visions, carried by an involved cast, with remarkable performances by Soufiane Guerrab, Léon Durieux and the always brilliant Anne Marivin, should undeniably please the public of the big chain.

Audrey is back (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw louane in shrink in visions and women's journeys...
Eva-Maude Tardif-Champoux – PIXCOM

First Canadian series selected in competition at Canneseries, Audrey came back is a melancholic dramedy that recounts Audrey’s awakening from a long coma, sixteen years after being found unconscious in the middle of the night when she was 17 years old. Weakened and lost, the young woman must relearn how to live and apprehend the world around her.

As she reclaims her body and her time, Audrey remembers what happened to her and will understand the events that plunged her into a coma. But this long journey strewn with pitfalls and enigmas will be as exhilarating as it is painful for the young woman and for those around her.

Thanks to the fine and intelligent writing of Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré, who also plays the main role, Audrey came back deals with a powerful journey of resilience through the prism of disability. Combining humor and benevolence, the series takes advantage of its 25-minute format to breathe a pleasant rhythm into this endearing family life despite the tragedy, embodied by a brilliant cast, in particular Florence Longpré who shines.

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