CANNESERIES 2022: we saw a German Black Mirror and the chilling sequel to Games of Influence

AlloCiné brings you the 5th edition of the CANNESERIES festival. On the program of the day: season 2 of Derby Girl, a Spanish series about a famous drug baron, the sequel to Games of influence and a German drama in the vein of Black Mirror.

Another busy day for the fifth edition of CANNESERIES: festival-goers had the opportunity to attend the meeting and discussion with Anne Berest, in partnership with Le Lab Femmes de Cinéma. The writer and screenwriter created, with Fabrice Gobert, the series Mytho and wrote Postcardwho received the Renaudot prize for high school students in 2021.

Among the events in Cannes, France TV Slash presented the first episodes of season 2 of its delirious series Derby Girl, followed by a meeting with the team. On the Competition side, we discovered Punishment, a sort of Black Mirror of German justice, the Spanish series El Inmortal which retraces the life of the leader of the Miami, one of the biggest drug trafficking gangs, but also the French series Jeux d’influence : The fighters.

Derby Girl season 2 (Rendezvous in Cannes)

Canneseries 2022: we saw a german black mirror and the chilling sequel to games of influence
France TV Slash

Among the most refreshing and rock’n’roll series of France TV Slash, we find Derby Girl, the pop comedy that tells how Lola, a former figure skating star with an oversized ego, decides to become a roller derby champion. Bad luck for the young woman, she joined the Cannibal Unicorns, one of the worst teams in France.

After having finally learned the meaning of the collective and having integrated into her team which has restored its image by carrying out a super season, the worst happens. The Cannibal Unicorns were praised by the inhabitants of Mézières but after an incident, their beloved sport is suddenly banned in the city. The girls will then organize a shock resistance to be able to pursue their passion.

The second season of Derby Girl, presented at Canneséries, is a continuation of the first batch of episodes with still as much humor and madness for its quirky heroines but still tinged with a few clichés which they do not fully understand. to get out. The fault with a very jerky rhythm for clipesque sequences which rely more on the punchline and the comical situations than on the development of the characters. But we still enjoy following their adventures and enjoying the few well-staged roller derby scenes.

El Immortal (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw a german black mirror and the chilling sequel to games of influence
Telefonica Audiovisual Digital SLU

Produced by Movistar+, The Immortal is interested in the history of a very famous gang in the 90s, Les Miami. This gang of traffickers, who had their hands on the sale of cocaine and who controlled the middle of the night in Madrid, was led by a charismatic man nicknamed the Immortal. He was one of the most powerful traffickers in Europe but his legend was formed on the staggering number of assassination attempts he survived.

In this fictionalized vision of the story of this man, who has taken on great media importance in Spain through his rise, his reign and his inevitable fall, El Inmortal seduces above all for its main actor Álex García rather than its plot already seen in other fiction inspired by drug lords. The interpreter of this gang leader carries the series, quite classic in its genre with a few dazzling scenes, on his shoulders.

Games of influence: Les Combattantes (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw a german black mirror and the chilling sequel to games of influence
What’s Up Movies

He had already hit hard with the first season of Influence games on ARTE, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade returns with his co-authors Antoine Lacomblez and Séverine Werba for a second batch of even more incisive episodes on the ruthless milieu of lobbies. Some time has passed since the previous episodes, and today we follow Guillaume Delpierre in his new place as Minister of Agriculture caught in a twisted political gear, Chloé Forest even more determined to make things happen since her family dramas by being a fierce activist and Claire Lansel, still a journalist, who is investigating here an unprecedented health crisis in the food industry affecting many poor families.

This powerful and chilling new story plunges us once again into the heart of the power lines, the media, activists and lobbies with an enlightened and enlightening look. Always filmed at human height with a succession of finely written portraits, this second season of Games of Influence is intended to reflect an evil that is eating away at our society and can count on the impeccable performances of its leading trio, made up of ‘Alix Poisson, Laurent Stocker and Marilou Aussilloux, who reprise their roles from the inaugural season.

Punishment (Competition)

Canneseries 2022: we saw a german black mirror and the chilling sequel to games of influence
RTL+ / Moovie GmbH / Luis Zeno Kuhn

Phenomenal project adapted from the famous short story collection of the same name by Ferdinand von Schirach, Punishment is a six-part anthology series directed by six major German filmmakers in the country, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Helene Hegemann, Mia Spengler, David Wnendt, Hüseyin Tabak and Patrick Vollrath. Each was given carte blanche to develop a short story of their choice, with the artistic vision of their choice to create an episode lasting a maximum of 50 minutes.

The festival chose to present two of the six episodes of the series, two very distinct but very powerful chapters. Hüseyin Tabak’s first episode “The Thorn” chronicles a museum keeper’s lifelong obsession with an ancient marble statue and how he will get lost and eventually find himself through this bizarre fantasy about the artwork. . The second episode “The Diver” by Oliver Hirschbiegel tells the story of a woman living in a small town in Bavaria and her loves fallen by death in a shocking tale navigating between the past and the present.

In addition to the narrative power of Ferdinand von Schirach’s short stories, Punishment impresses with its unique achievements, its singular ways of transposing already hard-hitting stories into timeless works that raise legal questions. Not recommended for the most sensitive and especially those under 16, the German series, which has the air of black-mirrorwill not leave indifferent.

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